Inchies: The Inside Story

I know, I said there would be something of substance here by the end of the weekend, and now you’re thinking I lied. I suppose I did, technically. But here’s the excuse:

Patches's tail on the keyboard

You see, it’s hard to get anything done with Fat Boy in my lap all the time. He’s just so big, and I have to move back from the keyboard so he’ll have space, and then it’s hard to type, not to mention having his tail right on the keyboard. What? You don’t believe he’s there all the time? Dangit. Well, it was worth the try anyway. 🙂

So what did happen that prevented that “substance” from appearing here? Life, and those “finishing touches” to the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio online shop that I mentioned before. I’ve been ordering stock, setting up accounts, planning promotions, and making sure everything will be ready to go on schedule.

So what types of products will be available at the DWQ Studio anyway? You’ll find many of the products that I use to make Inchies, some of which I’ve had a hard time finding myself. Two of the most notable items are Freudenberg S520 Stiffener and HH650 fleece, which are available in the United States exclusively from DWQ Studio. The photo shows both products, stacked between two squares of regular cotton quilting fabric.

Freudenberg S520 and HH650

The HH650 Fleece (shown second from left, just under the purple fabric) is a 100% polyester 2-sided fusible volume fleece material. It’s about 1/16″ to 1/8″ thick, and adds just a bit of volume to quilts and wearables without being stiff or too thick. The fusible quality is really lovely; it’s easy to fuse and quite stable, and the material is washable and dry cleanable. It’s great for postcards, artist trading cards, bookmarks, fabric art, tote bags, purses…and of course, Inchies!

The S520 Stiffener (shown third from left) is a 100% polyester 1-sided fusible firm interfacing material. It’s wonderful stuff; it’s like a lightweight cardstock, but made from polyester, so it’s washable and dry cleanable. S520 is easy to sew through by hand or machine, and adds just a bit of stiffness to your projects while still being flexible and lightweight. Again, it’s great for postcards, artist trading cards, bookmarks, fabric art, tote bags, purses…and you guessed it, Inchies!

These two products seem to be easily available all over the world, except in the United States. Obviously, I discovered them here in Germany, but couldn’t find anything really similar in the US (and believe me, I looked long and hard). Now, these products will be available to quilters and textile artists in the US from DWQ Studio. The S520 Stiffener and the HH650 Fleece are the two inside products that I use most often when making Inchies.

And when can you get these and other Inchie products? As soon as everything is stocked (hopefully most of it will be in by the end of the week!), I’ll open the shop for beta testing and invite 10 readers to help me test everything out, sort of a soft grand opening. (If you’re interested in being a tester, contact me) The books and ruler sets haven’t arrived yet, but are on order and expected soon, and I’ll be offering a pre-order special on the Inchie Quilts book and InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool and Ruler Set: $35 for both! Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Inchies: The Inside Story

  1. Just learned about inchies today from the add sent from AQS about your book. Shared this with my on line friends who make atc/aceo. For their love of little things quilted. I’m ordering your book, just have to see these tiny fiber art bits.
    Congratulations on being published.


  2. I got the AQS email yesterday too! I smiled as the picture of the book appeared on my screen — “Hey, I know her!” I hope teh book sells well and lots and lots of people dive into making Inchie quilts. 🙂


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