Dryer Sheet Love

Keep those used dryer sheets and use them in your studio instead of tossing them out. Some great usage ideas:

  • Use Bounce dryer sheets—new or used— for cleaning your iron. Lay the dryer sheet over the edge of the ironing board and rub the iron backwards and forwards over the dryer sheet to remove dirt and fusible residues from the sole plate. *This tip submitted by Anne. Thanks Anne!
  • Jill@The Quilt Rat dyes used dryer sheets with Seta Colour paints, adds found items on top, and leaves them in the sun to dry in a great sun printing technique. What fun!
  • Use dryer sheets as a backing for appliqué: place a dryer sheet against the right side of your appliqué motif, and stitch around the edge, leaving an opening. Flip the piece right side out pillowcase style, and press edges flat. Stitch edges to a background by hand or machine.