Inchie Quilts is in the House!

Guess what came home from the mail room yesterday?

A whole box of Inchie Quilts books! I signed the first one today, for ITMan. (I have no idea why he thinks he needs a signed copy of my book, but hey, I aim to please!) It’s just beautiful! The team at American Quilter’s Society did such a fabulous job turning my techniques and patterns into something cohesive, accessible and readable, and I’m just so pleased.

I took a copy to bed last night, and when ITMan came in he had a little laugh at me. “You’re reading your own book?” Sure I was! Just going through it one more time, making sure all is perfect and as it should be. 😉 Well, that and gazing lovingly at it, and flipping through the pages over and over again being amazed that after so many years of dreaming about it, I finally had my own book in my hands. *sigh* Pure bliss!

There’s only one thing marring my exceptionally good mood at the moment (and it’s sorta big, actually): The InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool and Ruler set will not be available for a while yet. There were some major problems with the quality level of the rulers from the manufacturer. The entire package of the ruler and the viewer tool is just not the quality product I expected, and therefore, I won’t sell them to you. I’m currently working with a different manufacturer to produce the quality product that should be sold with this book, and will have an update hopefully by the end of next week.

Unfortunately (and this is the part that really bums me out), that means that the introductory special for the Inchie Quilts book and the InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool and Ruler Set that I promised you can’t happen right away, because there’s no ruler set available to order. As soon as the InchieSee & InchieDo set is available, the same offer for the book and tool set together will be available in the store, as well as an introductory price on the InchieSee & InchieDo Set alone in case you already own the book by then.

Now that the books have arrived, I can finally officially open the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio online store. You’ll find many of the products that I use to make Inchies, including the stiffener and fleece materials that go inside, and Inchie Sprinkles Bead Mixes that are exclusive to DWQ Studio. Visit the shop, get your copy of Inchie Quilts and materials to make Inchies and then send me pics of them! You can always go directly to the shop via the “Shop” button on the menu bar above.

Thank you to the ladies who generously gave their time and feedback during beta testing for the shop: Emma, Christine, Nadine, Annie, Cathi, Peggie and Q&B. I’ve fixed most of the little things that the testers commented on, and will work on the other (not so critical) things as I can. Thank you so much, the DWQ Studio is much more user friendly and enjoyable because of your input!

Right now, I’m off to sign a couple more books for those who have already ordered, and for some family members who have requested special copies (they will all go in the mail on Monday!). And to gaze lovingly at this stack of books that have my name on them, and try to put the tool set debacle out of my mind for a while since there’s nothing to be done about it until next week. 😀 Have a lovely weekend everyone!

15 thoughts on “Inchie Quilts is in the House!

  1. Don’t let the tool snafu ruin this momentous occasion. Basque in the wonder of your accomplishment…………..don’t sweat the details, they will all work out. ENJOY!


    1. Hi Jill! Thank you so much for your kind words! My kids keep telling me the same sort of thing, actually. ITMan has some “Magic 8 Ball” app on his iTouch, and they asked it if “Mom will get better rulers” and it said “You can count on it!” So there you have it! I must believe. 🙂


  2. Congratulations! I can’t imagine how exciting it must be. Of course you had to read through it! Don’t let the issue of the tools mar your enjoyment; I’m sure everyone understands, and you will get it sorted. I’m off to check out the shop now it’s officially open!


    1. Thank you for the congratulations Emma! So far, everyone has been very supportive about the problems with the tools, just like you have been. I do appreciate it!


  3. I’m so glad for you!. It really must be exciting to have your own book there in your hands.
    Well done for insisting on quality for the new tools. What a shame that first supplier let you down so badly. You certainly won’t regret this decision in the future.


  4. Congratulations! I can’t imagine what a great feeling it is to have your very own name on a book. The inchies are wonderful. Heck with the snafu, you should be very proud of yourself. Enjoy!


      1. I just found your book today in the book store and didn’t realize how new it is – lucky me, to have one of the first ones available – I look forward to lots of fun inchies! Congratulations!


        1. Hi Willa! Thanks for the congrats! So which bookstore did you buy it in, just out of curiosity? Share pics of your Inchies when you make some! 🙂


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