Patchwork Times: Eating, Dressing, Shopping

Sneak peek at the latest Inchie quilt

There are a couple of things I’ve been meaning to share for forever and a day it seems, but life gets in the way sometimes. I hate it when it does that. Anyway, here goes, in order of age:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties--Ami Simms

Way back in March (I think), Ami Simms said she would hand dye some of my panties, and I could become a panty-wearing member of the Yo-Yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties, an exclusive club of women (and one man, it turns out) who would recognize each other at quilt shows by flashing the secret “Sisterhood” signal: an index finger to the hip. Okay, to be honest, Ami didn’t just issue this lovely offer to me, she blogged about it, and I decided I’d take her up on it!

Time was short, so I did what any good Angel-card-carrying VSC shopper would do. I ordered panties online and had them shipped to Ami direct! I’m told she got a total kick out of the whole VSC panties thing. Anyway, the picture above shows four of the ten pairs I got back, each one prettier than the last. I LOVE my hand dyed panties, thankyouverymuch, and if you’re a member too, be sure to give the secret signal when we meet up at quilt shows!

In April (or maybe it was May, come to think about it), the lovely Glennis@ShiboriGirl was on her way to Japan to participate in the Silk Experience tour (her trip report is still unfolding on her blog, with great pictures from Japan!). Lucky lady indeed! Before she left, she had a Sayonara Sale on her luscious silk shibori ribbon, and it was just the opportunity I’d been waiting for to try some. Here’s what I bought:

Silk Shibori ribbon from Shibori Girl

Mmmmmm! Fabulous! I can’t wait to use this ribbon in an Inchie quilt. 🙂

Next we must travel back in time a bit for the first part of the next story. When we moved into this house, the landlords were quick to point out the lovely (and giant) cherry tree that dominates the back yard. In April, the tree was a mass of beautiful (and allergy inducing) blooms:

Cherry tree

Cherry tree

(I filched these pics from GuitarGirl’s blog BTW, since I did NOT go out there and get up close and personally friendly with the evil allergy inducing tree to take pictures of it. Just no.)

We figured there would be cherries at some point, but the blooms littered the grass below the tree and were replaced by green leaves, and summer came and went with no cherries at all. We figured it was a dud. So this year, when the tree was out there doing it’s blooming thing again, we ignored it. But lo and behold, it decided to actually live up to its name and make cherries!


Now we have a gazillion cherries, and no idea what to do with them all. Being the curious sort, I asked my dad if cherry trees only made fruit every other year or something (yeah, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to growing things, which is why there are no live plants in my house, ever, though sometimes there are dead ones after I’ve been optimistic at the grocery store and a plant has made its way into my basket, and then dies on its way through the front door). Dad says that cherry trees have to be pollinated by another sour cherry tree in the area, and if there isn’t another tree, or there is but it doesn’t bloom at the right time, or the bees don’t get it together to do their job, no cherries.

We have another perfectly good cherry tree in the front yard (which didn’t make fruit either this year or last) and the blooms are pink, so maybe that’s the sour one? If so, the bees failed to make the trek between the front yard and the back last year. Damn bees, I knew it was their fault! Regardless, as I said, this year we have way more cherries than we could eat in a month (or three), and that’s just the ones we can reach to pick off the dang tree. Even with the help of a ladder, there are many that will feed no one but the neighborhood wildlife.

ITMan said he was going to remove the pits from enough of them for me to make a pie, but we don’t have a cherry pitter machine thingy, so it’s not really all that likely that it will get done, which is fine too since if I’ve ever made a cherry pie in my entire life, I’m quite sure that the cherries had up close and personal acquaintance with a can and a grocery store shelf before going into said pie. I do have one of those red and white cookbook thingys on standby though, in case the unexpected happens. Meanwhile, we’re eating them out of bowl(s) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And just to prove that there’s been more going on around here than eating, dressing and shopping, here’s a sneak peek of one of the Inchie Quilts that will go out to one of the two winners of the Giveaway:

Sneak peek at the latest Inchie quilt

It’s been a long time coming but it’s almost done. Maybe I can get it out the door by tomorrow, so I can start on the next one! I’m sure the winners will both know who this is going to based on their color wishes that they shared with me, so I hope the intended recipient of this one likes it! I’m off now to finish it! Have a quilty weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Patchwork Times: Eating, Dressing, Shopping

  1. Oh, Nadine, I wish I could get some cherries of you!
    Here’s a quick easy Idea for ice-cream: put some a handful of cherries in a sauce pan with some sugar and some water, and allow to cook on low heat until the cherries ‘wither’. Allow to cool a bit and serve over vanilla ice-cream… Yummmm.


  2. Anyone who’s willing to blog their underwear has to be a good sort; it looks great, too! And those cherries – sadly but a distant memory as we move into winter here. Our house in Canberra had a cherry tree, each year we’d get about half a dozen delicious cherries!


  3. hey Nadine-
    thanks for the buzz on the ribbon and glad you liked your selection. I’m getting to blogging little by little and have conquered the computer issues as of today so hope to be back to things by next week.
    the cherries look marvelous-wish i could trade you for some of the apricots that are dripping off my tree here- making jam and pie as fast as i can!


    1. Hey Glennis, I’m glad to hear the computer issues are sorted. That kind of thing can take so much time!

      I guess I’m going to have to break down and buy a cherry pitter before next year, so that I can make better use of the bounty! Of course, I’ll have to find that red and white recipe thingy to make jam, since I’ve never done that… 🙂 Enjoy your bounty! Apricot jam is one of my faves!


  4. whoohooooooo – such a PERFECT colourchoice!!!!! Love at first sight. If you need a recipient for this cute art work, take mine! ;-)))))

    Or better, let’s have a cherry party together, admiring this awsome quilt.

    Nadine (the other)


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