Bookish Things

AQS put up a lovely introduction to Inchie Quilts on the AQS Publishing Blog. I think Bonnie Browning writes the entries on the blog, but I’m not positive. Whoever the mystery writer there at AQS is, she said some really cool things about the book! I realize that as the publisher it’s their job to say wonderful things about the book (and if the publisher didn’t think it was great, it wouldn’t be a book at all), but it’s still pretty cool. 🙂

I love the AQS Publishing blog, and for more reasons than the above. For example, the post just after the one about Inchie Quilts says that Anita Shackelford’s book, Infinite Feathers has been reprinted, which is fantastic news since it’s the best book out there on feather quilting. Truly, the best book. I use mine all the time when I’m designing quilting designs like those I used on Material Marquetry, and it’s been one of the most used books in my library since I bought it.

Speaking of my library, do still have The Library page on the site, even though it’s not really “findable” from anywhere but the sitemap. The Library pulls my quilting book titles from LibraryThing, a totally awesome and fun site where you can catalog your books, whether quilting titles or not. When I found LibraryThing, I cataloged all my quilting books (as well as the rest of the books in the house), tagged them by subject, and then life got in the way and I sort of forgot it was there most of the time. **Note (5/12/2017): I used to have a Library page on the site, but after the latest website move, I can’t put a java script widget on the site now, so there it is. If you really want to see what’s in my Library, you can visit my profile page at LibraryThing!

Today I went back to LibraryThing to enter Inchie Quilts into my list there (Um, yeah, I seem to have a number of copies around here, so I should enter it into my library list at least once, right?) Then I see that I can have an author page at LibraryThing, and have a shiny yellow button on my profile and author page that says that I’m a LT Author, and enter in some information and a picture. Hey, why not?

After looking around a bit more over there, I realize that I’ve probably not utilized LT to it’s highest potential since I joined, and there’s a lot more functionality available now than there was then. LT has even gone the social networking route with friends and such, so if you’re on LibraryThing, add me to your list. You can see my profile and the new author page (note the shiny yellow “LT Author” button at top right!). My booklist is sadly behind the times, since I haven’t really entered the majority of my recent purchases consistently, but maybe that task will make it to the to-do list soon!

While I was looking around I scanned through the recommendations served up by LibraryThing, and saw a book that I thought I might really like. I headed over to Amazon to check it out, and clicked on the author’s name on the book’s detail page, which took me to a really nicely laid out page about the author showing all of her books. I thought “Hey, I’m an author, I should have an author page at Amazon, right?” In about five minutes, I had signed up to participate in the AuthorCentral program at, and now I have my own author page!

You know what’s even better? The RSS feed from this site is getting pulled in by Amazon, so that my blog posts display on my author page! Wheee! Nothing like doing that cross marketing/promoting thing all over the Internet, and for free even. It’s just amazing what’s out there, waiting for you to find it, take advantage of it and make it work for you. If you’re an author or know someone who is, check it out!