Inchie Quilt Reveal #1

Since the new owner of this quilt, the lovely Nadine@Patchowl, has received it, I can now share it with all of you. Nadine was one of the winners of the Giveaway, and she told me what colors she liked, and sent me some paint color cards since she recently painted the sewing area where she planned to hang the quilt.

I started making her a quilt with those colors, but then in a different email conversation, she mentioned that she really liked the new Moda Patisserie line of fabrics, and I just happened to have a charm pack of those fabrics, so I started the quilt again and used Patisserie fabrics for the Inchies.

But before I show you the quilt, I must confess, I almost couldn’t bear to part with it! I’ve never given any Inchie Quilts away permanently before now, so I haven’t ever had this problem before! 🙂 Although I’ve considered sending one of my quilts to my mom but I haven’t ever done it, so maybe I just can’t part with that one either. Anyway, here’s the quilt I made for Nadine:

Inchie Bead Curtains by Nadine Ruggles
Inchie Bead Curtains, 11¾” x 13½”

I named it Inchie Bead Curtains. The Inchies are attached with beads and C-lon bead thread, and are hanging free from the quilt, kind of like bead curtains in a doorway. I hope Nadine likes it as much as I enjoyed making it for her. You can see some close-up pictures at Nadine’s blog.

I also finished the other Inchie Quilt for the Giveaway today that goes to Emma in Australia. Since I shared a sneak peek of the other quilt, it’s only fair that I share one of this quilt too:

Inchie quilt sneak peek

It will be winging it’s way to Australia on Monday! Over the weekend, we’ll be driving to Ramstein for some shopping and to eat at Chili’s on the air base to celebrate Father’s Day. Oh, and I’ll be quilting, or computing, or both, of course. Happy Friday, and have a fantastic weekend everyone!


11 thoughts on “Inchie Quilt Reveal #1

  1. Feel sure, all 12 Inchies are so much loved; you won’t ever regret to have given them away. :-))
    I love, love, love (!!!!) your/my quilt and am feeling so honoured, that you share this experience with me!
    Nadine (the other)


  2. Nadine,
    Never forget — it’s very easy to buy a frozen pie…but only YOU can create such an incredible work of art from a charm pack. I absolutely love the quilt. Amazing.


    1. Hi Jody, and welcome! Thank you for your lovely comments about this little quilt. I do love it too, and I think I’ll have to make something similar at some point to keep for myself!


  3. These are beautiful. I’m wondering…do you make each inchie individually or do you make them in a strip, then embellish separately?
    Thanks for sharing…Kathy


    1. Thanks Kathy! Each one is cut from a larger piece and embellished separately, which doesn’t make much sense I think without pictures… But you can find out more in the book! 😉


  4. I hate to use the word “darling,” but that’s exactly what it is. I love the colors and fabrics, so sweet.


    1. Thanks Rian! Nothing wrong with the word “darling!” It’s one of those words that I hear in my grandmother’s voice, because she had such a notable way of saying “It’s just darling!” with huge emphasis on the whole word, and even more on the first syllable!

      I wish she could have seen these Inchie Quilts, since she would have loved them so; anything cute or small caught her attention. She loved Kewpie Dolls, fairies, small stuffed toys, and all the little crafty things I used to make as a child, and I know that Inchies would have been a big hit with her. 🙂


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