Easy Quilt Labeling

Make it easy to hand sew the quilt label to the back of your quilt. Start by dampening the label, and then carefully press under ¼” to the back of the label on all four sides with a hot iron. Press the entire label until dry, and you’ll have a nice crisp edge to sew and the seam allowance will stay turned under. Use a washable glue and a toothpick to dab tiny dots of glue ¼” apart all around the outer edge of the back of the label on the seam allowance. Press the label in place on the back of the quilt, and gently heat with the iron until dry. Use a fine needle and thread to hand stitch the edges to the quilt backing. There are no pins to stick you or catch the thread as you sew! The glue will wash out during the quilt’s first washing.