Gifts from Japan

Just look what arrived in my mail box last week from Japan:

I ordered a couple of small things from the lovely Mai who sells her hand made items on Etsy, but I call this “gifts from Japan” because I received so much more than just the things I ordered! It was all so beautifully packaged, and even the envelope was hand made from recycled Japanese catalog pages!

And just look inside! I ordered the Sarubobo pincushion (top) and a kit to make one myself (middle).

The kit has all the materials needed to make a Sarubobo pincushion, instructions in English, and includes pre-cut patterns made from recycled paper in Japanese. How creative!

If that wasn’t enough, Mai also included a hand written thank you note with a cute self portrait (some of it written in Japanese too!), her very creative business card, a fish charm as a “petit gift” and an origami crane, all wrapped up in a handmade envelope of recycled catalog paper. Each one of the items was individually wrapped in small clear plastic bags to protect it.

I don’t know how she makes any money at all on this, but it’s obvious that she greatly enjoys what she does. The fabrics she uses are authentic Japanese fabrics from her mother. I can’t wait to make my Sarubobo pincushion from the kit, but I almost can’t stand to open it up because then I’ll ruin the beautiful presentation. Maybe I’ll just have to order another whole kit so I can keep one intact!

You can read more about Sarubobo at Wikipedia, and catch up with Mai at her Mairuru blog and her etsy shop where she has many Sarubobo items for sale, as well as other examples of her beautiful handwork.

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