Studio News: InchieSee InchieDo Update and Hot Ribbon Art Sale

So there’s good news and not-so-good news from the DWQ Studio. First the not-so-good, so we can just get it out of the way and move on, at least temporarily: the infamous InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool & Ruler Set is still not available, because the original manufacturer still hasn’t gotten it together to produce a quality product that I can sell. I did receive another set of samples that are greatly improved, but it’s still not perfect, and I won’t accept anything less.

I hope to have some sort of an answer by Monday evening as to whether the original manufacturer can have the remanufactured tool sets (of perfect quality) available for me to sell in the shop by the end of July, and if not, it’s back to square one with manufacturer number two (while hoping to get the money that I’ve invested in these rulers back from manufacturer number one, since they can’t deliver what they promised). If I have to eventually go with manufacturer number two, it will probably be early September before these tool sets are in stock. All I can do is apologize, and let you know that I am working on it, but that at this point the delays are completely beyond my control. All very frustrating.

Hot Ribbon ArtOkay, now for the good news: The most recent addition to the DWQ Studio warehouse is Hot Ribbon Art, a fun, fusible ribbon for all your fabric art projects. Hot Ribbon Art is 1/8″ wide, has a heat activated adhesive on the back, and can be cut, trimmed and shaped to add shimmer and dimension to your projects. This iron-on ribbon can also be used to finish the edges of fusible applique, and can be dyed or shaded with fabric markers either before or after fusing.

I use Hot Ribbon Art on Inchies, of course! I picked up samples of a few colors when I was at Quilt Market in Houston last year, and I love this stuff! I think my favorite way to use it is to cut it up into tiny little pieces, either squares or diamonds, and fuse it to the Inchie as “confetti.” You can either apply Hot Ribbon before quilting and edging the Inchies, or after. You can sew through it by hand or machine after fusing, so you can quilt or add beads or embroidery on top of the Hot Ribbon.

Inchies with Hot Ribbon Art

Hot Ribbon Art is polyester and comes in 20 luscious colors, plus metallic gold and silver, and is sold in 2 yard packages. You can fuse Hot Ribbon to cotton fabric, polyester blends, denim, paper, cloth shoes, baseball caps, cork coasters, paper mâché boxes, wood, and other similar materials. The possibilities are endless!

As a special introductory offer for blog readers, take 10% off your first purchase of Hot Ribbon Art from the DWQ Studio this week. Click here to see the Hot Ribbon Art collection. Use the coupon code HRA0709 at checkout, and shop before Sunday, July 19, 2009. And then be sure to send pictures of your projects so I can see how YOU use Hot Ribbon Art!