Inchie Quilt Reveal #2

The second Inchie Quilt from the giveaway has been received by it’s new owner, the lovely Emma@Sampaguita Quilts, so now I can share it with all of you! I had great fun making this quilt! Just like the Inchie Quilt for Nadine@Patchowl, I didn’t want to give this one up! It’s just that every Inchie is soooo cool, and even though I know I can make more, it’s still hard to see them go. I know it has a good home though, so that’s a plus!

Emma shared some ideas for color choices that she liked with me, and though I’m not positive that I got the colors completely right, I’m happy with the way it turned out, and I hope Emma is too! I found a really cool batik fabric that seemed like it would fit in with Emma’s color ideas, and went from there. The batik fabric also inspired the layout of the quilt.

I called this one Inchie Window Panes. The Inchies are attached with Velcro, so they can be rearranged if desired. The quilt measures 11¾” x 8¾”. You can detailed photos of some of the Inchies on this quilt at, and more will be posted as time allows.

Emma has been making her own Inchies by the way! Her background quilt is velvet, and it is a very regal looking quilt. You can check out her awesome creation at Sampaguita Quilts!

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