Another Bit About Quilting for Show

Here’s a timely quilt news bite that serves very well as an addendum to my last post, Quilting for Show—Just Do It! From the AQS Quilt News Blog:

Congratulations to Linda French, the Best of Show winner. This is the first contest that Linda has every entered. Just like playing the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t enter. I bet we see more quilts from this talented quilter in future AQS shows now that she knows that her work is that good!

YES! See, Linda’s very first entry into a quilt contest or show, and her quilt takes Best of Show! I’ll bet she’s walking on air right now. Entering your quilts into shows is one of the best ways to improve your quilting and take it to the next level, but you never know—your quilt just might win an award! Visit the AQS Quilt News Blog to see a picture of Linda with her winning quilt, and see more great pictures from the Knoxville show.

Congratulations to Linda and all the other winners and entrants at Knoxville!

4 thoughts on “Another Bit About Quilting for Show

  1. Nadine, wow, I just found your blog and I am totally blown away. Not only is your site gorgeous, but your art quilts are knocking my eyes out. Great, great work, a lot of inspiration to be found here, I’m SO glad I found your site! 😀


    1. Hi Judi, and welcome! Thank you for your fabulous comments about my site. I’m glad you like it! And by the way, I took a little trip to your site this morning, and all the same things can be said, right back at ya! 😀


  2. Nadine…..I’m Judi’s mom. She forwarded your URL to me with rave comments. I took a look and I have to agree with her 100%. Congratulations on awesome accomplishments.


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