Continue the Conversation

Blogging, by it’s very nature, is a two way conversation. If you blog about your quilting or artwork (or anything!) and your readers leave comments, be sure to reply to their comments. You can reply via email, but the only person who will see the reply is the recipient. By replying directly on your blog, you’ll keep the conversation going and any answers you provide to questions in the comments will benefit everyone. Also, new visitors will know right away that yours is an active blog and they’ll be more likely to leave a comment if they can see that you’ll reply to them. Keeping the conversation going is a great way to grow your readership and make even more friends in cyberspace!

5 thoughts on “Continue the Conversation

    1. You’re right about people possibly not coming back to the site, however, it’s even better if you can add the option for readers to subscribe to the comments for each post. Then the reader has the option: subscribe to the comments so they get any replies forwarded via email, or don’t subscribe (and just return to the site to check for replies if they wish). The best of both worlds!


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