Quilt Ruler Manufacturing Report–Good News at Last!

I’ve been keeping a bit quiet about the progress on the InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool & Ruler Set because I wanted to wait and see how everything worked out with the new manufacturer. I was also waiting to post until I had something fairly positive in the way of an expected availability date to share as well. I’m thrilled to tell you that the new manufacturer that I’ve been working with is none other than Rulersmith, the same company that manufactures the Omnigrid rulers!

I received the prototypes of my tools from Rulersmith two weeks ago, and let me tell you, they are awesome! They are every bit as wonderful as I hoped they would be in the beginning, and the quality is, of course, perfect. The ruler is absolutely perfect just as it is, and the tool only requires a very minor modification to be perfect as well. If only I’d been able to find this company before I’d gone so far with the first one! (I looked, I really did, but somehow didn’t find Rulersmith until the second go round, and I don’t even remember how I found it then!) My experience with Rulersmith has been completely opposite in every way to the one I had with the other company.

I sent Dave at Rulersmith pdf files of my designs (instead of the original Corel Draw files, Photoshop files, graphics and fonts, etc.), and from just those pdf files, his team drafted the designs and made the prototypes that were perfect and nearly perfect. I didn’t really mean to send him only the pdf files, but with all the headaches that were going on at that time with this project, I just didn’t remember to send him any more files than I’d sent when I asked for the quote, and he never asked for anything else. By the time I remembered about the files that I’d never sent, the prototypes were here, and they were awesome!

Here are a couple of pictures of the awesomeness. First the InchieSee Viewer Tool, front and back:

You can use the InchieSee Viewer Tool to preview fabrics for Inchies. It shows you what a 1″ x 1″ square of the fabric print will look like when it’s cut up. The white side is for previewing darker fabrics and the black side is for lighter fabrics. And here’s the InchieDo Ruler:

The InchieDo Ruler has thin lines and open corner intersections for high visibility and accurate cutting of Inchies and other small patchwork pieces. The 3″ x 9″ size is perfect—not too wide and just long enough to cut strips from an Inchie sandwich or a fat eighth of fabric. You can read more about the InchieSee & InchieDo at DreamWeaver’s Quilts Studio, and get on the waiting list so that you’ll be notified as soon as the tool sets are available for purchase.

My ideas and designs plus the same quality you expect from Omnigrid tools made by Rulersmith equals perfection. And the best news: these tools should be available in my online shop and ready to ship out around the middle of September! I can’t say enough good things about Dave and his team at Rulersmith. They are truly awesome, and if you or someone you know ever needs a quilting ruler or tool manufactured, I can recommend Rulersmith without any reservation.

I also owe thanks to you, blog readers, book readers and customers, for being so patient as I worked through the unexpected challenges of getting this tool set manufactured and ready to sell. Thank you! I can tell you it will be worth the wait, and the tools will be just as fabulous as I’d planned in the beginning! Now I’m off to make Inchies with my new tools—have a creative mid-week everyone!

6 thoughts on “Quilt Ruler Manufacturing Report–Good News at Last!

  1. Thanks for the tip, I actually have an idea for a tool but didn’t know how to move on with it.
    Your inchie ruler look very useful!


  2. Hey Nadine, Rulersmith would like to thank you for all the positive prasie you gave us in your review of the InchieSee & InchieDo ruler and template set. We look forward to doing business with you!! Everyone this ruler and template set is just AWESOME wait til you get one!!



  3. Nadine,
    I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I am with these gracious comments you made about me and my team here at Rulersmith. I have goosebumps running up my arms as I write this as well as when this was read to me and then read it to myself when it was emailed to me.
    We strive everyday to please new and current customers. I would also like to let you know that it has been a true pleasure working with you and we are looking forward to a long relationship.
    Once again, thank you for the comments and I’m glad we have crossed paths.


    1. Hi Dave! You are welcome! I only print the truth about how fabulous you guys are! I truly have to develop more tools so we can work together further, because you are true professionals. Looking forward to it!


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