Is Your Fabric Running?

You’d better go catch it! Okay, it’s really no joke when you mist a quilt in progress with water to remove some quilting line markings, and one of your fabrics starts to run and bleed all over the others! What to do? If possible, quickly take the quilt and dunk it in water with a bit of Synthrapol. Synthrapol is a detergent that will hold excess dyes in suspension, keeping them from attaching to other fabrics so that they wash away. If you’re fast enough, all is not lost and you can save that quilt from the running dye. Better yet, pre-wash with Synthrapol before piecing next time!

2 thoughts on “Is Your Fabric Running?

  1. If you aren’t fast enough to use Synthrapol, try soaking in cold water with Orvus. Orvus is a horse soap sold in farm supply stores. I’ve had it remove dye stains, blood, hot chocolate, and other stains from fabric.


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