Studio News: YLI #100 Silk Thread Collection

Mmmmm….YLI #100 Silk Thread, the finest silk thread on the market. Have you used silk thread in your quilting or fabric art? It’s just incredible stuff, with an unsurpassed sheen all its own. I started using YLI silk thread years ago, at about the same time Diane Gaudynski and YLI teamed up to offer this gorgeous thread in larger put ups for machine quilting. It’s just fabulous for machine quilting since it’s perfect for intricate design motifs as well as tiny stipples or other background designs, adding texture and subtle color without making your quilt look “thready.”

YLI #100 silk threadI’d collected a few of the larger spools over the years and I used the silk thread in a few of my quilts for machine quilting, and I also used it for a bit of hand appliqué. When you use silk thread for hand appliqué, the stitches just disappear into the fabric because the thread is soooo fine. At some point I started working on a show quilt where the design called for some pretty intricate hand appliqué and I realized that I just couldn’t do that much needle turn appliqué anymore, so I started searching for an appliqué-by-machine solution that I could live with.

I tried satin stitching with cotton thread but I didn’t like the way it looked, even with a fine embroidery-weight cotton. The satin stitching was just too rough and bulky looking for this quilt and the formal look that I had in mind. I finally decided to try the silk thread, and it made an incredible difference! The satin stitching was elegant and fine, and added a slightly dimensional touch to the edges of the border print. The sheen of the thread was perfect for the look that I was aiming for.

Satin stitch appliqué with silk thread

Recently, I used this technique on the Accessorize Me—with Inchies! quilt to satin stitch around all of the accessory designs. I used many different colors of silk thread for the applique, and it really gave it that extra touch of texture and interest.

This same silk thread is now available in the shop in all 65 colors, plus black and white. You can order YLI #100 Silk Thread open stock spools, or join the Silken Stitches Thread Club and get entire collection of YLI #100 silk thread delivered right to your door! You’ll always have the color you need right at your fingertips when you’re ready to create!

Have a creative weekend, everyone! I’m off to play with silk thread!

4 thoughts on “Studio News: YLI #100 Silk Thread Collection

    1. I usually use a size 60/8 Microtex Sharp needle in the machine, and you can use the same silk thread in the bobbin, or use a fine cotton thread like Soft Touch Cotton 60/2, Aurifil Cotton Mako 50/2 or MasterPiece from Superior.


    1. Hi Dena! Silk thread is really a joy to work with, whether you use it for hand or machine work, appliqué or quilting. Do try it, you won’t be sorry you did!


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