Embellishment Dimension on Luscious Linen

It’s been a busy week working on a few projects, one very large thing that is not quilting related but pays (a small portion of) the bills, another super secret very cool project that is quilting (and Inchie) related (more on that later, and yes, I know that was a terrible tease!) and the rest of which are just a mixed bag of the normal stuff. Here are a few peeks of the luscious linen project that’s part of the normal stuff at the moment:

These circles are embellished with beads, buttons and fibers, and whatever else I have in my sewing room that strikes my fancy and looks like it goes with the project. I’m loving this! It’s just so fun to sit in my beading room and work on each circle individually, and let the design go where it may.

The idea is to build up the embellishments, from the fabric design and weave to the fibers to the beads and buttons, so that there’s a whole texture and dimension story in the piece. I call these Texture Pieces, and once you’ve embellished them, they’re attached to the quilt with either tack stitches or glue.

I’ll take this quilt to Des Moines with me to share in my Embellishment Dimension workshop where I’ll be teaching these same techniques to students who will make a small sample something like this:

I can’t wait to share these multidimensional embellishment techniques for beads, fibers and found objects with other quilt and fabric artists! Interested? I’d love to have you join us! Visit AQS to register before the September 16 deadline to have your quilt show badge mailed to you! See you there!

5 thoughts on “Embellishment Dimension on Luscious Linen

  1. I am in love with this project. Do I understand correctly that it is made out of linen fabric? What weight did you use? Did you use a special technique for achieving your perfect circles and with dimension? Great job! I’d be interested if you are going to be in my area for a class or if you’re going to be selling a pattern for this.


    1. Hi Dena! Thanks! The border of the project is linen, yes, and you can see more of that here and here. I don’t know the weight of the linen, but I purchased it from Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics. Some of the other fabrics are regular quilting cottons, and others are woven cottons with a bit more texture from a very early line of Daiwabo Taupe fabrics.

      As to the circles, it’s partly technique, partly the specific materials, and it’s all part of the Embellishment Dimension workshop! I do hope to take this workshop to many more places after the AQS show, so hopefully I’ll be in your area at some point!



    1. Hi Rian! Thanks–they’re almost done! I might have a finish to show later in the week if life goes as planned (did I just say that 😯 ??)…



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