Zen Dimension

Woohoo! A finish for me! I’ve finished this project with the linen border that I’ve shown peeks of here and here. I’m really, really pleased with the end result! I’ll mostly let the pictures tell the story, otherwise I’ll be here all day writing enthusiastic commentary and I have some other stuff I need to work on. So without too many more words, here is Zen Dimension:

And details:

This one, this little circle right here, I saved until almost the very last, because I couldn’t think how to embellish it, yet is is my very favorite one. It all started with this old (and I mean old) Debbie Mumm print that looks like stones:

Just look at that texture! A bit of floofy yarn with sparkly stuff woven into it, some freshwater pearl beads, a few seed beads and some colonial knots really made it look like the bottom of a creek with stones and the water flowing over it, or maybe a stone wall with moss growing in the cracks. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Just. Love. It.

And some other detail views:

I’m so glad to have finished this, and I’ve really enjoyed the creative time. It’s a nice break from all the computer work I’ve been doing lately, I can tell you. It’s so wonderful to feed your creative spirit this way; being able to just ignore (or avoid) the computer and the world for even a little while each day to just create something beautiful is really renewing, and boosts your creative output for other projects as well.

Zen Dimension will be traveling to Des Moines with me so I can share it with my students who will take the Embellishment Dimension class at the AQS Quilt Expo. I’m really looking forward to teaching these techniques! I think the most fun part will be seeing all the different embellishments people will bring with them, and being creative together to put them to use in their project.

Okay, that’s it for show and tell today. I need to get to work on a Super Secret Inchie Project that I have to have done in two days! Stay tuned!

16 thoughts on “Zen Dimension

  1. What beautiful work! I love the wonderful bead work that you used to compliment the fabrics. Thank you for posting the pictures for us to see.


  2. I thought this was your super secret Inchie project. I love it! The pebble circle and the pearly ones are my faves. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


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