Inchie Quilts: On the Road and YouTube

This weekend, I’m deep in preparations for my trip to the US in October, as well as a couple of events that are on the calendar for September. Next weekend, I’ll be in Schönaich (near Stuttgart, about an hour south of where I live) for Patchcom’s 9th Annual Quiltfestle on Saturday. Birgit asked me to come to the Quiltfestle and bring my Inchie Quilts, talk about my book, and present some Inchie demos (more on the Quiltfestle later in the week!). I’m also scheduled to demo in the AQS booth at Quilt Market, and will probably need all of these step-by-step materials for workshops, lectures, etc.

So today I prepared step-by-step samples for making Inchies to use for demos, and then as I was edge stitching the Inchies, I got this crazy idea to make a video tutorial of the process! Talk about a complete derailment! Shooting the video was a piece of cake that took less time than writing this post will (despite the fact that it’s a brand new camcorder that I’d never used before), but the whole “how do I put this video on the web” thing took five hours! Seriously! Sheesh!

I really didn’t want to use YouTube to host the video (don’t ask me why, I think I just have some kind of weird aversion to it or something), and I’m not sure I’ll make any more videos, so I didn’t want to pay for Vimeo (though I may at some point). What I really wanted to do was self host the dang video since I have an absolute ton of storage space on my server, so why not?

“Why not” turned out to be insanely complicated, and involved $30 to purchase Quicktime Pro (which subsequently wouldn’t do what I needed), a ridiculous phone call to Apple to even order the silly program, mysterious codecs and formats and bitrates and other even less understandable things, and way more irritating stuff than I’ll relate to you here and now (mostly because I just don’t want to think about it anymore). And yes, the video is now on YouTube. *sigh*

Bottom line: you can see the Inchie Quilts Tutorial: Edge Stitching at on the new Tutorials page, or you can watch it at YouTube, where you can see it a little bigger. And you can see it even bigger if you click the HD button on the bottom right of the screen at YouTube! Whew! It’s not perfect, but I know what to do better the next time (if there is a next time). Do let me know what you think about it, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “Inchie Quilts: On the Road and YouTube

  1. I’ve just discovered Inchies and am struggling with covering the corners with edging. I’ve watched the video twice, and read and reread the book. Have you any further suggestions for my bare corners? I’ve told the local quilt shop owner about Inchies and everyone is fascinated, but most are afraid to try. It takes patience and perserverence, but I’m trying hard to get it right. Thank you for Inchies. Wish you’d update your website. I love reading the comments.


    1. Hi Judy! It really is a matter of practice, and it does get easier the more Inchies you make. Do make sure you’re stitching all the way to the end of each side, and starting again right at the top of the next side. Also, remember the sneaky “dyeing” trick with the markers!


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