Accessories Mini Quilt with Silken Stitches

Time for another show and tell! I’ve actually had this finished for a while now, I just didn’t get the pictures taken right away. I made this quilt as an example of what can be done with the postcard size accessory appliqué patterns for the Silken Stitches workshop. I love the way the quilt turned out, which is probably not surprising since I’m a little addicted to the shoe, bag and hat accessory motifs, and I suppose the same could be said for the fun Michael Miller prints that I used in the quilt.

I’m not sure that I’ve had my fill yet either, and I still have some yardage left, so at some point there may be another coordinating project coming. A lap quilt or pillows perhaps? Of course, none of this really fits into my house with it’s current decor, so any more quilts in this style or colorway might require some major redecorating…and shaking of the head and rolling of the eyes on ITMan’s part… 🙂

Here’s the crisp, colorful, summery-looking goodness (just in time for fall?):

My favorite part? the background quilting on the white fabric! Mmmmm. Crinkly…

I’ve been using pantograph patterns as large background fillers and I love it. They’re easy and fun to quilt, and there are so many different ones that it’s easy to find one that fits the mood of your quilt. This quilting pattern is a little bit sassy, and has a lot of different shapes for great textural interest. To make it even more fun, I quilted it in two different colorways of Superior Threads Rainbows.

You can see the two colors of thread pretty well in the above photo, as well as the fun striped binding. That would be my other favorite bit! Here’s a really close picture of the shoe, so you can see the appliqué stitches at the edge:

The quilting in the appliqué blocks is YLI #100 Silk Thread in color #218, one of the most versatile colors in the line. Obviously, this lovely pale green works well on this pale green fabric, but #218 is equally at home on white, pale yellow, lavender, gold, pale blue, beige, and many other colors. I’ve plowed through a couple of the large, 1000 meter cones of this color over the years—that’s how well it goes with everything.

The silk thread is sooooo fine that there’s no lumps, bumps or buildup in the satin stitching, even where there are three or more layers of fabric in the appliqué motif. This Silken Stitches technique gives me show quality results and has made appliqué accessible for me again after years of avoiding it.

The Silken Stitches workshop at the AQS Quilt Expo in Des Moines is almost half full, which means there’s still room to get in on it! To be completely honest, registrations for the rest of the workshops have been slower than I’d like, which I truly hope is due to the economy or the fact that the Inchie Quilts book is so new, and not a reflection of the general interest level in my workshops. You can register for workshops in Des Moines through the AQS website until October 2 (September 16 to have your registration materials mailed to you); after that time you can register for classes on site in Des Moines!

One more thing: don’t forget to stop by the Patchcom Quiltfestle on Saturday, 12 September if you’re in the Stuttgart, Germany area. I’ll be there from 10 a.m. until mid-afternoon presenting Inchie demos, showing all the quilts from Inchie Quilts and more! Visit for more info!

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