My First Inchie

I simply have to share this with you! Last Friday I received fan mail, real, honest-to-goodness paper fan mail! An odd letter sized envelope from someone we didn’t know showed up in the mail, and it was just such fun! Odette wrote me a lovely letter and told me about seeing an ad for my book. She just knew that Inchies would make the perfect wedding quilt for a long time friend and roommate at an annual quilters’ getaway at a YMCA camp.

Odette asked other campers to each make an Inchie to add to the quilt. She sent an actual size picture of the finished quilt (click to see it bigger). Odette explained that the Inchies and the buttons in the four corners have special significance both to the campers who made the Inchies and to the recipient, and all the Inchies “were made with love for our fellow camper.” How creative and wonderful is this quilt? What a lovely and special thing to do with Inchies!

After making the quilt for the Inchies, Odette sent a picture of all the Inchies, the front of the finished quilt and the label to the participants, and she also enclosed the same with her letter to me. Attached to her thank you note to the Inchie makers was an Inchie she herself had made, and she also included one in my letter! How cool is that? My first Inchie sent to me by someone who made them after seeing my book!

First Inchie from Odette

I’m just so pleased that Odette shared her story with me, and flattered that she sent me one of her Inchies. It’s wonderful to connect with Inchie Quilts readers this way. She also told me a little about her current project and her family, and included a picture of herself with her son. Odette says “I’m 81 years old and have many more quilts in my head than I’ll ever achieve.” Sounds like we have something in common! 😉 I don’t know if Odette reads my blog so I’ll be sending her a written thank you, but I’ll also say this here: Thank you so much Odette, for sharing your story (and your Inchie!) and brightening my day!


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