A virtual tour of the new house

Front of the house and gate

There will be actual quilting content on this blog before the weekend is out (promise!), but I did also promise pictures of the new house! I took my camera on Wednesday when the girls and I went to see the house, but of course I forgot to actually use it! The lovely lady that lives in the house now was kind enough to send bunches of pictures so now I have some to look at and share and can dream about the house until we move. We’ll begin the tour at the front gate, shown above.

This is the original brick front of the house that was retained through the renovation. I think from looking at the other pictures of the renovation process that the roof was raised by a foot or so which makes the top floor a bit easier to use for actual living space. Over the top of the gate you can see the roof of the cottage. The three windows at the bottom are in the kitchen and dining area, and the three above are in the front bedroom that’s on the second floor.

Front of the cottage

The front of the cottage (which will be my studio/office, if you remember) is shown here during the renovation. The original brick front was retained on this building too, but the rest of the outside of both buildings is white, and they have beautiful tile roofs. The brick wall that you see on the left divides the property from that of the house next door.

Garage at the back

When we come home, we’ll enter the property through the back, via the garage. ITMan’s looking forward to playing basketball, and behind the fence to the right of the driveway there is a grapevine, so we’ll have grapes! To get to the house, you can exit the garage by the door in the back, or go around the garage on the right side and up the path.

Back yard between houses and garage

Here is the middle of The Compound, between the garage and the houses. On the right is the back of the cottage and straight on is the back of the house. These pictures are older, and there’s no satellite dish in the backyard anymore. It’s mounted on the house somewhere.

Terrace in back

This is the lovely terrace with beautiful natural stones. The glass doors on the bottom lead directly to the huge living room and the ones above on the balcony go to the master bedroom.

View off the balcony

This is the view of the yard and garage from the balcony off of the master bedroom.


And now a bit on the inside of the house. This is the fabulous kitchen! This will be total luxury for me, and the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever had! Truly, this is the kind of house we wish to own someday, and we never expected to be able to find something like this to rent. The lighting in the kitchen is all recessed in the ceiling, the appliances are very high quality and there is lots of storage space. The dining room is in the other half of the kitchen area, and is just as big and beautiful.

Master bathroom

The beautiful master bathroom has lots of natural light and is really well designed with a lot of built-in storage which is very unusual in Germany.

Whirlpool tub

The whirlpool tub in the master bathroom is a total bonus. I’ve always wanted one of those! The cat doesn’t come with the house, though they’re trying to get us to keep their rabbit…um, no…

Space-saving stairs

Now here is a funny thing about the house and the cottage. There are space saving stairs that go up to the room on the third floor of the house, and also in the cottage to get to the second floor. This is not a picture of the stairs in our house, but this is what they look like! They’re a bit strange and will take some getting used to! Going up is a lot easier than going down…

So there you have it. The new abode in pictures. The people who are living in the house now are the owners’ daughter and her husband, and the owners of the house renovated it specifically for them with their help and input, which is why it’s so nice. The house has been in their family since it was built in 1910! The husband is in the Army and must transfer back to the States, but they plan to come back to the house someday of course, and they seem to be happy to have us rent the house while they are away.

Like I said, we never expected to find a place this lovely to rent, and we feel so blessed. I almost feel slightly guilty even, because the people who live there now have put so much effort and time, planning and love into the rebuilding of it, and we will just move in and everything is already done, and so beautifully done at that! Again, this is a gift, and one we will truly appreciate!

Thanks for visiting! I think I’m going to take a lot of pictures of our current house, inside and out, before we move so that I can do a “before and after” video collage or some such thing after we move. I’m sure the transformation is going to be amazing! Stay tuned!


15 thoughts on “A virtual tour of the new house

  1. Oh, Nadine! It really couldn’t happen to a nicer family–they are lucky to have YOU for caretakers. The house looks fabulous, but you know we’re all drooling over that studio space. Can’t wait to see you in it!


    1. Thanks Jane Ann! It’s just lovely of you to say such things! I’m really looking forward to the studio myself, though it will be a a bit of a change having it separate from the house. The cats will need to be trained to “go to work” with me! 🙂


    1. Hi Melissa! I agree, the front of the house is awesome and full of character. And after I got past the fact that it’s right on the sidewalk, I realized how great it is to only have a back yard to care for, instead of both front and back!


  2. I am sooo jealous! We are crammed into our tiny 2 bedroom apartment. I dream of a bigger place…

    I can’t wait to see more inside photos!I think we are all very interested in this move!


    1. Oh there will be lots of photos, Jennifer. You’ll probably all be tired of seeing house pictures and clamoring for something fiber related shortly after the move! I can’t wait to get my furniture in there and arrange it just the way I want it. I love that part of moving, just not the “before” part with all the packing!


  3. Oh boy, this looks like fun! I LOVE that kitchen! Just take it easy on the bubble stuff when you use the tub jets. Ask me how I know…


    1. Oh yes, much more fun in so many ways than our current situation! The kitchen is so awesome, I won’t have that “it’s hard to cook in a one- (or even two-) butt kitchen” excuse anymore. I’ll probably be expected to produce something more exciting in the way of eats for a change!

      I’ll definitely check with the landlords about what works in the tub! I absolutely don’t want to break anything…or have a bubbles flood…


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