Embellishments are a girl’s best friends

I’m crazy busy at the moment getting ready for Quilt Market and the AQS Quilt Expo, but I did promise quilting content before the weekend is out, and I am loving this current project, so I couldn’t wait to share it! I wanted to make another sample for the Embellishment Dimension workshop, and this time I wanted to do something totally different than the other samples I’ll take with me. I found this luscious batik at the Army craft shop in Heidelberg, and it was just begging for embellishments! It was, I heard it!

I listened to this fabric speaking to me for a couple of weeks before I finally had some time to play. Here’s texture piece number one:

I’m not sure it’s done yet. There may be more embellishments coming, but I’ll see how it goes after the others are done. Here’s number two, in progress obviously:

And the third one, still waiting for embellishment goodness:

I’m having a wonderful time adding beads, fibers, jewelry findings and bits of silvery leather to each piece. I pulled out a few other batik fabrics to use for the background quilt:

Mmmmm…I’m loving this all together! And this is why my beading table currently looks like this:

I had a sketchy sort of plan in my head for the background quilt for the embellished pieces, but then I was thinking about this project this morning while showering (yeah, I think about quilting and fabric stuff in the shower; better than having to think about spiders!), and I remembered this lampwork glass bead that I’ve had stashed away for about four years, and thought it would fit with the whole project just perfectly. I dug it out and I was too right:

The pictures show two sides of the bead; there are four sides all together. It’s got all the same colors in it as the fabrics, the design elements are very similar and the iridescent finish is just perfect to go with everything else I’ve done so far I think! It’s a little out of scale with the rest of the project as it is, so now I have to get really creative to come up with a way to use this bead and make it fit in with the rest somehow!

I may have to pack all of this up and take it with me to work on while I’m away…in my spare time…if there is any… 🙂 I may try to pick up some more batik fabrics to go with it all too, since I’m having a couple more thoughts about the background quilt as I type this, and more fabrics might be necessary! It all looks sort of under-watery to me, and I’m beginning to see Judy Dales’ style curved piecing in the background quilt. What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Embellishments are a girl’s best friends

  1. Wow, your things are always so inspirational. Hope I get to meet you in Houston!
    Thanks so much for the day brighteners!


    1. Thanks so much Ann for your lovely comments that are day brighteners for me! Let’s meet for coffee or something while we’re in Houston!


  2. OOH!! Wowsers! How pretty is that–you are so dang talented. I don’t know about Judy Dales, but I definitely see a Nadine Ruggles thing going on there! You are defintely on to something.


    1. Aw, thanks Rian! You’re so sweet. I’m really having a great time with all of the embellishments, and I see some shopping on this trip for some things to fill in the gaps! 🙂


  3. Wow! Your embellishing is beautiful! Batiks are my favorite and I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. How have you been? Have fun in Houston!


  4. Now to me, I see sky/clouds in those colors. So you obviously need to expand on this: this one’s Air, you have to find Earth, Water, and Fire. Or if this one’s Water to you, that works too…. You’ll need a “bluesy-er” Air….


    1. Yeah, I thought about the whole “elements” scenario, but I couldn’t quite see working “fire” into it…but you never know!! Hmmm, maybe this piece needs to be air/water, and then I’ll do another for earth/fire and have a set…


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