Patchwork Times: Suitcases, stress and sleeping

Patches in possession of the suitcase

I’m a bad, bad blogger. I’d hoped to be a better communicator during my time in Houston, but so far I’ve been so busy (and thus so tired!) that despite the fact that there is much news to report and all of it pretty awesome, I can’t seem to find the time or energy to post about it! I’m sorry…and I promise you the whole story, but it’s only going to come in bits, and without as many pictures as I would like since not only am I a bad blogger, I’m a slacker with the camera as well!

So let’s go backward in time just a bit, and I’ll tell you a bit about how the Journey to Fall Quilt Market 2009 began. I started packing pretty early in hopes to be all organized and not running around like a crazy woman on Wednesday night before my travel day on Thursday, which meant that the suitcases were out on Monday. You can see what Patches thought of that!

Shadow wasn’t interested too much unless it was open, and then he wanted to be in it on the quilts of course! I had a crazy time trying to get everything in my suitcases, and ended up dragging two at just under 50 pounds each through three airports from Germany to Houston. Plus the carry on bags. Eeeeewwww. No fun. Thursday morning was spent in complete chaos, as I woke up to no Internet connection at our house for some strange reason, and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong instead of packing last minute stuff and getting ready to go!

This has become a freakish trend in our house actually. This is at east the second time (and maybe even the third) that our DSL has had issues just as I’m walking out the door to get on a flight for the States for a week or two. Not good, since I’m the only one who knows how to deal with the routers and such anymore in our house and the kids can’t do school work without the Internet connection! Why does this always happen when I leave? 8|

This time, I never did figure out what was wrong and we had to leave for the airport figuring that ITMan would have to fix it himself somehow without me. (Oh, the irony of it all: ITMan–short for IT Manager or IT Guy—as in the techie sort–doesn’t know how to be the IT support for our house anymore; too busy being a manager to keep his hand in the real techie stuff, so I have to do it!) The Internet eventually decided to behave on its own by mid-morning; the DSL lines must have been down in the neighborhood or something!

I did make it to the airport on time, and I intended to read and relax on the plane. I had my Sony Reader, iPod, notes for lectures and classes, and a few magazines. I managed to get through one entire issue of American Quilt Retailer, and then I just crashed. I usually don’t sleep on planes, but I must have been more exhausted and stressed than I thought! I didn’t sleep well, but I did doze quite a lot on the flight over. Not that it helped the jet lag any…

Travel between Europe and the states being what it is, Thursday was a horribly long day and I truly didn’t feel like I had it together for everything I needed to do on Friday. I was scheduled to present Inchie Quilts to shop owners at Quilt Market Schoolhouse on Friday morning, and I was tired, jet lagged and nervous! But then something wonderful happened…and I’m so tired tonight that I’m going to tell you about that bit tomorrow! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I knew someone would call me a tease, but I was falling asleep at my keyboard last night! 😀 More later today, promise. Nothing to do with room service, though lunch was served!


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