AQS Quilt Expo wrap up

Wow—what a bad blogger I have been! Time has gotten away from me, and ten whole days have gone by without a blog post, though I won’t admit to being a complete lazy slacker since there were extenuating (and exhausting) circumstances to contend with. And now that I’m home there’s so much to tell, I’m left wondering exactly where to start!

I headed toward Des Moines, Iowa for the AQS Quilt Expo on Monday, 26 October after visiting with family in Nevada and Utah since leaving Quilt Festival in Houston. I say “headed toward” since of course, American Airlines couldn’t quite get it together and get me where I needed to go on time and with luggage in hand (for the second time in 10 days, no less)! Those turkeys stranded me in Dallas overnight after flight delays caused me to miss my connecting flight by 10 minutes, and then they wouldn’t give me my stinkin’ luggage! Perhaps they didn’t understand that I’m not the wash’n’wear girl, and never have been. So off I went to some not-so-great hotel near the DFW airport without anything to wear and not even a toothbrush. Yeah, I used to carry all that “what if I get stranded” stuff when I flew, but after 9-11 it all got too painful and I never needed it anyway, so now I don’t. Lesson learned. 😦

I did finally make it to Des Moines a day late, but still in plenty of time for the show. I met so many interesting and FUN people at the show, students, vendors and other quilting professionals alike, that it would be hard to share it all without spending days at it! There were happy students in my classes and they left good evaluations of the classes with AQS, so I think the workshops were pretty successful. Shame on me though: I had my camera with me, but never had time to take any pictures during my classes! Too busy teaching, I guess!

My classroom was filled with Janome 6600P machines and we had a very nice and helpful Janome representative to us with the machines when needed. I have to say I was impressed with this Janome machine; it seems to be a smooth running workhorse with lots of good options! Some lucky quilt show attendees took home these great machines at very special show prices, too.

I presented a lecture and slideshow about Inchies and it went really well, especially considering that speaking to a group of more than about three people isn’t my favorite thing to do! As I was visiting the vendor area on Saturday, a very nice gentleman who attended the lecture with his mother-in-law (she quilts, he doesn’t) stopped me to tell me how much he enjoyed the lecture, and that I had corrupted him. He told me that ever since my lecture, every quilt he looked at in the show that had squares made him think of putting Inchies on it! How fun is that? I didn’t apologize for corrupting him; that was part of the point of the lecture, after all! He was so excited about the Inchies concept that I sort of wonder how long it will be before it sucks him into the world of quilting…

So I survived my first big national teaching gig, and though there are a few things I will change the next time around, most of those have to do with logistical and travel issues more than anything. I’m still hoping to receive pictures from my students of their finished workshop projects, and I’ll share those when I get them!

Other than that, I’m just and I know that ITMan, the kids and the cats are happy I’m home too. When I do this again, it’s going to be one thing at at time instead of two big shows with a family visit in between, ’cause that was just too long away! I can’t wait to get completely unpacked and get back to a somewhat normal life. But after sharing, demoing, chatting about and teaching Inchies for nearly a month, what I really want to do right now is—make some Inchies! 😀

5 thoughts on “AQS Quilt Expo wrap up

  1. I’m so very sorry for the airline troubles. That is such a pain. I know. It happened to me in Taiwan, when my luggage headed onto Malaysia for about 3 days. I had to go into the drug stores and mime “hair spray” to these sweet people who don’t use such a thing in such a rainy, humid climate. They kept in touch with us, through cell phones (thank heavens they worked) and eventually drove halfway across Taiwan to deliver my luggage to the third place we stayed. YIKES.

    Here you were in my territory (Utah), from all the way across the ocean. I should have arranged to meet you somewhere.

    I’m glad everything else went well.


    1. Thanks Annie. Sounds like you had it much worse than I did with the luggage issues! At least it happened to me in an English-speaking country!


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