No Scrap Too Small

Before you throw away those scraps… STOP! Measure them first, and as long as they’re at least 1 1/2″ then have a storage box and say “there’s an Inchie” and throw it in. Eventually you’ll have enough for a very eclectic Inchie quilt!

This tip submitted by @endlessprattle. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “No Scrap Too Small

  1. I do so agree with this one! Personally speaking I never throw scraps away, however small. After all, put a few tiny pieces together, not worrying about rough edges and you could easily make a really interesting Inchie.
    I tend to use my tiny scraps to put together to make my own fabric. Iron them onto Bondaweb (self adhesive interfacing which is very thin and has glue on both sides) which has itself been ironed onto a larger piece of old sheeting. I have some really useful project bags made using this method.
    All my tiny scraps are in bags sorted into colours – yellow and creams together, browns and oranges together, etc. A useful project for when I just need something to do.


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