Fabric Printing Smarts

If you like to use your printer for photo transfer, you prepare your fabric and iron it to freezer paper, cut it to size and insert in the printer. Sometimes the paper curls or separates from the fabric and nasty things happen. Your fabric gets ruined and you have to start over.

To avoid this I use a wide zigzag stitch and sew just the leading edge of the prepared fabric/freezer paper to a piece of card stock. No curling…no separation…a great print every time. Just be absolutely sure you have cut your threads close, you don’t want any threads getting caught in the printer.

This tip submitted by Jill@TheQuiltRat. Thanks Jill!

3 thoughts on “Fabric Printing Smarts

  1. What a clever & great idea! I’ve been a tad nervous about printing on my own cloth and this is just what I needed as a confidence booster. Thank you!


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