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  • My gamer side. Yeah, like you couldn’t tell from my absence what I’ve been doing for the last two months! The addiction to World of Warcraft rages on. My Night Elf Hunter promptly took a back seat to my Death Knight at level 55, and I’m working on the slow journey to level 80 with the Death Knight. And along the way, I’ve made a few more characters, so I have my own small case of alt-itis. I don’t have the veritable army of alts that my mother has, but still, if I make more than two more new characters, I’ll have to make them on a new server since I can’t have more than ten on the server that I play on now. Then they’ll be the poor relations, since there won’t be any of my other characters over there on the other server to share gold. Gold makes it all so much easier…big surprise…
  • My family more often, both the immediate members and the ones far away, as we play WoW together. I see my youngest daughter and husband more, since we all play in my studio together on separate computers. Sometimes we adventure together in-game, or help each other kill the difficult monsters. I talk to my mother, aunt and cousin more, though it must be noted that the conversations are mostly game related and take place in the in-game chat window! πŸ™‚
  • The taxes. Ugh. Big UGH. But it’s not like you can just not do them. 😐 (Though at the moment, it’s tempting to make a try for the “not doing them” technique, and see how long I can stay under the radar on that.) And I have all that business stuff to make it 150% more complicated this year too. Yes, I’m whining. It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to!
  • My chauffeur side. I spend way too much time driving lately. GuitarGirl has graduated from high school, gotten a new job at the Commissary and started college classes, so my taxi duties have quadrupled (or maybe quintupled) in the last few weeks. Not that I don’t enjoy driving my car as I’m still in love with everything about it even though it’s over three years old. It’s just an awesomeness that I’ll never get over probably. In fact it’s the only thing that makes the taxi duties tolerable at all, but I still would rather pass on it and never leave my house unless I felt like it and there was good shopping on the other end of the journey, tyvm. On top of all that, it’s a bit freaky to have a child in college. I’m just sayin’.

But not in touch with:

  • The pre-move insanity. Yes, we’re finally getting out of Matchstick Manor and moving to The Estates at the end of March. Pre-move insanity commencing any day now, if I can motivate myself to make organization a priority. Now where did my motivation disappear to anyway? Oh, yeah, it went the way of the dodo bird when I started playing WoW, and I’m okay with that. I was uber organized for the last move and it didn’t seem to matter one whit anyway; all of our stuff got where it was going either damaged or not regardless of anything I did or didn’t do as far as I could tell, and I was a crazy person for two months before the move. Maybe this time it’ll be the same, but without the craziness?
  • My quilter side. Another “like you couldn’t tell” thing. It’s difficult to write about quilting if you’re not quilting if you see what I mean. “It is what it is”, in the immortal words of…well…whoever. I’ll quilt again, but not until I’m in my shiny new studio and the post-move craziness has calmed down. Or maybe not until I get past my WoW addiction, and it’s even odds as to which will happen first. Besides, WoW is soooo much cheaper than quilting, let me tell you, and considering what this move is costing us ($12K+), that right there is a huge bonus to the “not quilting right now” status.

There is a small amount of quilty news, so I guess it could be said that I’ve gotten in touch with you, dear readers (assuming that there is more than one person still reading after this descent into WoW addiction πŸ˜‰ ):

I did get an email from Bonnie McCaffery yesterday, and she’s put the video that we filmed at Quilt Market in October on her website in the VidCasts section. The Inchie Quilts VidCast is really awesome. Bonnie did such a great job making me feel comfortable during our interview, and obviously the post-production on the video was well done too! You can see most of the quilts from the Inchie Quilts book, and there’s a bit of discussion about the design and construction process of each one. Check it out and let Bonnie know if you enjoy the video!

I sent Accessorize Me—with Inchies! off to the AQS Lancaster show yesterday. The quilts will be on display at the Lancaster County Convention Center and Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square complex and the Liberty Place Conference Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, March 24 – 27, 2010. For more information about the show, visit the AQS site. Do let me know if you go to the show!

Toodles for now! Though it’s Tuesday—usually maintenance day for WoW when I spend time doing maintenance and running scans on my own computers because the servers are down—Blizzard is only doing rolling restarts on all the servers, which means 15 minutes of downtime instead of 8 hours. So I’m off to play WoW before the daily taxi run. Yay! πŸ˜€

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  1. Happy to read again from you – missed you. Asked myself if you’re still alive ;-))
    Have a great day!


    PS: does not have to be posted – only for U!


  2. Nice post! Made me giggle in spots as you always do, and commiserate on the taxes AND the move part.

    See you in game – after I get back from town *SIGH*.


    1. Heh, you know I was thinking about you the other day, and the fact that you live so far away from anything, and then I realized that although my new place isn’t “40 miles from anywhere” it’s dang close! The new house is over 30 miles from any of the the Army posts where I need to be on a normal “going out” day. Sheesh.


  3. Woo Hoo! /cheer I knew I wasn’t the only WoW quilter out there! Good luck on your trek to 80. i’ve got 2 toons there and 9 more nowhere close. πŸ™‚

    Yes WoW is much cheaper than quilting, but I do think about how much more quilting I could get done if I weren’t playing. But then I think about all the neat people I’ve met there too, and I’d miss them if I weren’t playing. I guess it’s all about finding a balance.



  4. /lol

    Nope, not the only WoW quilter! My DK is at 77 now, and just got cold weather flying, thank goodness! I’m taking care of finishing up a few exploration and quest achievements, and then resuming the trek to 80. Do you do raids or PvP much? I’m more into strict PvE…

    And sure, I could get a lot of quilting done if I wasn’t playing WoW, but I did THAT for 20 years in the same seriously addicted manner as I’m playing WoW now. I’m not terribly good at balance when it comes to anything. I’ve just learned to deal with it and take it as it comes! πŸ˜€


  5. Nice to see you haven’t fallen off the planet. Your life sounds busy! I saw a pop-up ad for WoW on my computer the other day and wondered if you were still ensconced in the battle. Here’s hoping you get to 80 soon.



  6. Glad to hear from you again Nadine! We miss your awesome quilty articles and musings, but completely understand the need for a change of scenery. Hope the move goes well. I love the cleansing nature of moving into a new place. Cheers!



    1. Hey Dorothy–How have you been? I like the end part of the move too when your stuff is all in the new place and you get to arrange it just so and maybe go out and look for just the right little extras to make it perfect, but not the beginning or middle parts so much! πŸ™‚


  7. πŸ™‚ I have a DK but have yet to really fall in love with it. I justot my warlock to 78 and had my flying at 77, of course but I have really been itching to work on my mage since i love having a mage at a high level. But I am truly trying to stick it out till I get my warlock to 80. I have however been sidetracked and doing achievements and they do not get me much XP so boo on that.

    I will be looking forward to the quilty stuff if you et around to it, well when you do get around to it. I myself have been doing very well, just got my DQS8 done and mailing it tomorrow (late :S shh) I have three quilts I am steadily working on and hope to have done in the next two months πŸ˜€

    I hope you bust through you moving stuff well. I have moved so much in my short lifetime that I so understand, it is nice to be settled at last, for a good amount of time as of right now anyway πŸ˜€


  8. Hi! Found your site through Facebook..of all things.

    I’m a beginner quilter, but a veteran WoW Player! πŸ™‚ My main is an 80 Shaman on Gilneas and alliance of course. WoW is definitely a lot of fun and a major time sink, but the game just grabs you and there’s always something to do. I still quilt though, a lot, mainly when my guild is offline during the day, and we only raid on the weekends so it’s nice to have time for both!

    Hope you continue enjoying it!


    1. Hi Katy! Yep, WoW can be a major time sink, but right now my major sink is the moving prep! We are packing, packing, packing, but I do spend time on WoW every day in between packing boxes. I have the DK at 80 on Icecrown, and I’m working on the Netherwing rep for the drake, and also the Kalu’ak rep at the moment so it’s mostly just dailies for her. After I do those two things, I’ll go back and work on leveling my 58 Hunter to 80, and then the baby mage. Yes, I have alt-itis already… πŸ™‚

      We are a mostly family guild, and most of us aren’t really interested in raiding, though my cousin and his friends just took their mains off to a raiding guild this last week! Have fun in game!


  9. Hey Nadine,

    I just saw on the AQS email update on their current show in Lancaster that Inchie Quilts was the Number 2 top selling book on their top 10 seller lists. Very, very cool.


    1. Hey Kelly! Wow, that is cool! Did you get that email because you’re registered for Lancaster, or just because you’re on their list? I’m on the list, but didn’t get anything like that!

      Thanks for letting me know! πŸ˜€


  10. The “ad” was in the AQS Insider Number 19 that came yesterday via email. Congrats Nadine. People are loving this book!


  11. How funny is this to come across these posts about leveling 80’s when I was looking for information for the newest WOW set of quilts I’m making for the guys I’ve been playing with for the last three years? Hooray on finding another WOW player and quilter!


    1. Hi Lyn! Welcome to the “home of past addiction”! I still can’t get motivated to quilt at the moment, even when I don’t feel like playing WoW. Cataclysm will fix the WoW part, don’t know about the quilting…

      Nice to meet another WoW quilter! πŸ™‚


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