An Interesting Place

By way of a little “touching base/checking in” type post, I find myself in an interesting place at the moment, both literally and figuratively:

Augusta is an interesting place. So far, we really like it here, high pollen counts and high temperatures notwithstanding. We’re not actually in Augusta, but in a smaller town just outside of it. It’s a nice area, and most things I need or want to do are within a few minutes from the house, and I very quickly embraced the idea that anything over ten miles away is “too far” and even five miles is pushing it. The Augusta area is big enough to have a nice mall with a Dillard’s and a Macy’s (which is almost “too far” it must be said), but not big enough for a Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, and I’m okay with that. If it was that big, it would be too big like Atlanta, and I don’t think I’d like living there. Augusta seems just right.

Our house is an interesting place. For that matter, so is home ownership. You see, I’ve never owned a house before, and it still feels a bit…strange…somehow. It’s all ours, and we can do what we like with it, and we don’t have to put up with strange landlords or worry about what issues or faults might become evident as time goes on that perhaps weren’t apparent when we moved in or that the landlords didn’t want to tell us about. The house itself is wonderful, and I’m still amazed that I found it. I think I fall in love with it a little more as each week passes. We love the neighborhood, all three streets of it, and our neighbors are nice and quiet and nearly invisible, just the way we like to be. Every once in a while though, I still stop and think about how weird it is to have our own house, and maybe have a few roots starting to set themselves into the ground finally.


My studio is an interesting place. It’s on the small side, but so much more doable than the last one. There’s a lovely window that looks out over the front lawn, and lets the good light in. I can’t fit everything I need into it at the moment, so I have quilting stuff spread all over the house, but eventually that may change. I may move into the room over the garage when GuitarGirl moves out (which could happen sooner than we thought it might), but then again, I’m not sure I’ll like it up there either. It’s a huge room since it covers the entire three-car garage and then some, with a lovely window seat on the side, its own built-in surround sound system, separate HVAC unit, and there’s a full bathroom and a big walk-in closet up there as well. Sounds perfect right?

Room over the garage

It might be, except for those slanted ceilings under the roof…I know, I know, I’ve probably reached a new level of picky here. It’s just that it’s a bit difficult to hang quilts up there, which is what I do like about the smaller room downstairs. I can hang my favorite quilts in my workspace which I think is really important as an artist. Perhaps I can come up with some alternative, like room dividers to hang the quilts and a design wall on or some such thing. We’ll see what happens…

My website has been an interesting place lately, and probably will continue to be so for the time being. If anyone has stopped by—though why would you, when there’s been nothing to stop by for, I know—you may have noticed a bit of weirdness going on with the layout. This is what happens when you shoot yourself in the foot ahem, you update WordPress which then requires an update to the ridiculously complicated theme set (which is really two different ridiculously complicated themes combined into one, and then duplicated three times over for a total of four different colorways). Yes, I did it to myself. Sometimes my grand ideas don’t stand the test of time too well.

Anyway, it’s still not pixel perfect and 100% fully functional like it was before the update, and I really need to just start over from scratch and rebuild the entire thing (eeeeewwwww…), but that’s on the back burner for now. I’m really trying to ignore the fact that it’s not perfect and just move on for the moment (but I’m sure you can tell that I’m starting to twitch about that over here…). It is what it is, and if you’re looking for something between now and whenever it gets “done” again, let me know and I’ll hunt it up for you.

My work is in an interesting place. I didn’t really mean to have a hiatus of over a year after I got back from the big teaching trip to the States, and I’m quite sure I used up any allotted time that might have been covered by the “I’m burned out” excuse months ago, but obviously I needed the break! I have a hard time with balance it seems, and for many, many years, it was “all quilting, all the time” and then suddenly it was “no quilting”, and instead it was “all Warcraft, all the time.” I do love that game and I really have enjoyed playing it with my family, but I am going to try for a little balance in my life for a change. 😉


Now that we’re fairly settled with things mostly unpacked and as normal and quiet as they’re likely to get, I’ve been working in my new studio. The ideas and creativity are flowing again, beautiful things are being produced, and fun is being had. I’m not sure where I’m going with any of it, but it promises to be an interesting journey! “May you live in interesting times” indeed. Stay tuned!

18 thoughts on “An Interesting Place

  1. Wonderful to hear your voice again. Balance is a good thing! Am hoping to see some of your new ideas and creations here.


  2. Well hello stranger! So good to “see” you finally! I’m happy you’re back in the States and loving your new home.

    I would take the big room over the garage and make do with hanging stuff. the partitions are a good idea. And I love the porch! holy cow! Gorgeous!

    After being here 7.5 years I think I’m ready to come home. it took moving to a small stinky farming town, leaving my friends and job that I loved and Jon being deployed to make me finally miss the States! And now seeing your home! I never wanted to move to the South but just seeing that porch makes me think I need to give the South a chance!


    1. Well hello to you too Jennifer! I probably will take the room over the garage, simply because of the size (and the fact that it will also free up the room downstairs and get all of my quilting stuff back in one place for a change). I suppose the quilt display issue won’t be insurmountable!

      Yep, it was about that long before I was ready to come back too. Just try not to end up staying for 10 more years like we did! And if you like porches, you’ll like the houses in the South. Every house has at least one! I never thought I’d end up in the South, but the architecture here suits me perfectly.


  3. Hi Nadine, I loved reading your post. I had the burnt out feeling like you did after we moved back from Germany and it took me over a year to get back into things. Having your own space and doing what you like with it helps creativity a lot.
    We still have the house in Douglasville, GA and hope to get back to it again in the next couple of years. Maybe when we move back from California we can get together for lunch one day just to say hello. Of course it would be within that 5-10 miles radius of your home. ROTFLOL. You are so funny!
    Enjoy your new home and just have some family fun for a while.
    By the way internet burnout can be just as bad.


    1. Joany!! Long time girl! How the heck are you? It’s great to hear from you.

      I had the burnout thing long before we moved, though it must be noted that we’ve moved twice in a year so I’m sure that wasn’t all that helpful.

      Douglasville? Sheesh, that’s definitely outside my 5-10 miles! 😛 Can I get a flight there? 😉 All joking aside, lunch is a great idea!

      And don’t I know it about the Internet; it wasn’t just the quilting that sent me running, it was the whole kit and caboodle, my blog and online shop included. It’s tough being the one woman show when your hobby goes business!


      1. Hi, Nadine! Lovely to hear from you and to know you’re settling into home ownership and life in the South. For the last 4 or 5 years we have gone straight from winter into serious summer with only a glimpse of springtime. Floods last year, tornadoes this year, with the added bonus of 13-year cicadas right now!! (Nerves wearing thin here….) I suspect your quilting mojo will return before long, just as I hope my own will. Stay cool, my friend.


        1. Jane Ann!!! I’ve missed hearing from you! Who would have ever thought I’d end up in the same part of the country? I tell ya’, the beginning of this summer is killing me here! Thank heavens for central air is about all I can say about it…at least in polite company! 😉

          Still looking for that mojo…if you’ve found it already, can you share?


  4. Nadine, I’ve also missed reading your insightful and interesting posts, but I fully understand the need to look for balance, explore other interests, and take of yourself and your family. This post sounds as though you’ve learned a lot and have been doing a lot of growing. Welcome back.


    1. Hiya Liz! Thanks for your kind words. Still settling in here, and finding the balance thing tricky. I think it always has been for me, it’s just never seemed like a problem before for some reason… 🙂


  5. Hey Nadine! Glad to see you’re back — both in blogland and in the states! I could so relate to your moving posts — I moved right around the time you did although mine wasn’t as complex since I didn’t have to change continents! Ours was from a high rise apartment in our co-op complex to a groundfloor duplex townhouse but I had the same “getting used to living in a house” feelings that you’ve had.

    Then there’s the “getting settled in and getting back to your routines” issues that I can also relate to since I too am still dealing with them. So I look forward to being able to follow along on your journey again and commiserate on the challenges of transitions. Enjoy your new home!


    1. Hey Vivian! I was just thinking the other day that though the Augusta area is nice and all, it doesn’t feel like home yet, and I’m wondering how long that will go on. And the house doesn’t feel like it’s “mine” either, though I can’t really put my finger on why. I love the house, it’s just not a part of me yet I guess…

      It is challenging, though I really hope that I’ll start to feel more settled soon. Good luck to you in that regard as well!


  6. Hi Nadine! I’ve been a from time to time lurker, so will belatedly welcome you back to the States and to the beloved South!

    I’ll trade my 10’x11′ sewing room for that amazing space over the garage in a heartbeat! Shelves and cabinets would line those low walls and a sliding hanging system in front of them would allow for hanging quilts of any size and the large ones could hide the storage. End walls could accommodate more quilts or wall hangings. Want a long arm machine? You have the room!

    We added a large porch to our home, too, and there’s nothing more Southern than a large porch with rocking chairs, a porch swing, and/or a glider!



    1. Hi there Barbara Anne! I’ll belatedly answer your welcome, and say “Thank you very much!” 🙂

      I’m sure I will move up into the space over the garage in time, and you’re definitely right about all of the storage options there could be. For the moment, I’m staying in the small room for various reasons, not the least of which is the heat! It’s pretty difficult to keep that room up there at a decent temperature without breaking the bank!

      I do love the Southern architecture and style, I must say. I’ve got my rocking chair out front, just waiting for it to stop being 1000º outside… 😉


  7. Hey! I saw a product of yours online and thought I’d come over and check up on you. I’d wondered where you gone! Glad it’s been a journey to someplace good!

    I think it hilarious that you have a “bubble” too. Why does this happen here? I thought nothing of a three hour drive in Germany but my daughter found my house and made sure that everything I needed was within five miles… she knew, she’s a smart woman.

    Your home is gorgeous and so southern. I’m a few hours below you, which in not considered the south anymore (I still haven’t figured that out yet) and our homes are not all porched out 😦 …we make due. It’s been almost a year and I love being back in the states near family.

    Hope to see the results of your new creative energy soon!

    Take care.

    P.S. If your house convinces Jennifer to move to the south, a miracle will have happened…. just sayin..


    1. Hiya Corinnea! How have you been?

      Now see, I had a “bubble” in Germany too, so it’s just normal for me! 😛

      Thanks for the compliments about the house; I do love it more every day actually. I think of all the houses I looked at, and all the ones I’ve seen since, and I can’t believe that there was a better choice for us out there. This is perfect for us right now.

      How do you get farther south than we are, and not be in the South? That’s a bit mind-boggling, though it’s surely not the first thing that’s made me wonder a bit since I’ve been back!

      Maybe we need to start working on Jennifer? You know, consolidate all this creative energy down south here? (Yeah, what I really mean is that I want y’all to share your creative energy with me–and Jennifer needs to come add to the mix! 😉 )


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