Horn MultiLift 6000: 252 Pounds of Pure Quilting Bliss

For many years–okay, for all the years that I’ve been quilting–I’ve wished for a table that was specially made for sewing machines, where my machine would sit down in the table so that the machine bed was level with the table top. I think this can be so much better for machine quilting, though obviously, I’ve been getting along just fine without this table for 20 years! Still, most of the reason that I didn’t ever invest in such a table was because we were living in Germany, and that kind of furniture wasn’t all that readily available there, and what there was seemed a lot more expensive than what you could get here in the US at the time.

As soon as I was partially settled in the new house though, I started thinking about that table, and looking around to see what was available these days. Of course, the first thing I found that I was really excited about was a bit bittersweet.

Awesome table, but when I called the local Horn of America dealer to check on pricing, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Can you tell me the price on the Horn MultiLift 6000 please?
Dealer: Sure, just a sec. Hmm, yes, the MSRP on that is five thousand—something something something (she said exactly what the MSRP was, but I quit listening at the five thousand part).
Me: Oh, okay. (rather weakly…)
Dealer: However, we always sell for 25% off the MSRP so that would actually be three thousand, eight hundred—something something. (yeah, I quit listening again…).
Me: Ah, hmmm.
Dealer: But you know, I know someone who is selling an older but similar model, and she’s right here, just a sec.

Not holding out much hope that this would end well considering the prices that I’d half heard thus far, nevertheless, I stayed on the phone to see what would happen. Another person took the phone, and said she had a MultiLift 5000, but needed to sell it to make room for a storage cabinet, and only wanted to make enough on the table to pay for the storage cabinet–which she was going to get a discount on from the dealer anyway because she works there! Not only that, the owner of the store would have two of his employees bring the table to my home and bring it inside and not even charge me to do it! I was stunned!

I’m not even going to tell you the price she quoted for the used table, because I’d like to remain friends with all of you, and I’m afraid you’ll hate me if I spill my guts about that one. 😛 Suffice it to say that this table was the steal of the decade for me! And I LOVE it! It’s perfect for what I do. You can visit the Horn website via the link on the picture above to see all the great features of this table, but here are my faves:

Machine quilting on this baby is sooooo nice. I can adjust the height with the touch of a button, and I can raise it up really high if I need to for rotary cutting or drawing. I have a clear insert for the hole where the machine sits, so I’ll be purchasing some lights to put under there to make a lightbox for tracing quilting or applique designs. Putting the machine down inside the table is really easy, and then I can use the entire flat table top to baste a quilt if needed. And all of this wonderfulness sits in front of a big window so I can see outside and have good natural lighting.

Of course, the cats love it too:

They don’t love it so much when it moves up and down though! At least there’s room for both of them if they want to lay all over the table while I quilt. 🙂 I’m off to do some free motion machine quilting! Happy weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Horn MultiLift 6000: 252 Pounds of Pure Quilting Bliss

  1. I bought a sew-ezi table a couple of weeks ago. While definitely not as fancy as yours, I’m loving having my machine in the bed of the table. So much less pain. It’s working fabulous for me.


  2. Nice to see you are machine quilting! Now what I really like is that tall storage piece with all the drawers. I still dream of an organized quilting room. I have been machine quilting with my machine lowered in the table but I find I pre
    fer piecing with the machine up on top. Still adjusting to the Bernina I’m even going to the mastery classes!


  3. I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for a hand binding tutorial. You’re not the only quilter that’s a WoW player. 🙂
    Got a level 85 Priest that is oddly enough a tailor.
    You’re quilts are beautiful! Keep up the good work!


  4. I am officially green with envy. I’m settling for a glass Ikea table top with two of their cupboards underneath. It will be nice, it will function, (quilts slide nicely on glass, but I cannot tell a lie I would be prepared to sell my husband for one of these (and I love him dearly). perhaps not, but you get the idea….


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