Sewing is Good for the Soul

I visited my sewing machine today. It’s been a bit lonely lately, I’m sure. There it sits on that lovely custom sewing table day after day, and it can’t even enjoy the view from the window because it’s turned toward the opposite wall. I’ve been doing some quilt related things recently as I hinted here, but they don’t really involve that “hands on” time with the sewing machine and fabric.

It all started with making the bed. Confession time: I’m not a bed-maker. I never have been. Why make the bed when you’re just going to get in it later and mess it up? ITMan doesn’t care one way or the other–he’s not a bed-maker either–so we get along fine. When we get out of bed, we just pull up the covers a bit, and go on about the day. Shadow loves that especially in winter since he can go burrow under the covers and sleep when he gets cold during the day, and Patches sometimes makes his bed there as well on top of the feather duvets.

Aside from the futility of making a bed in the morning just so you can get in it and mess it all up again in the evening, the other problem with making the bed on a daily basis for the last few years has been the featherbed that we have. If you don’t fluff the blasted thing daily, you have two person-shaped valleys in it, which just look ridiculous when you make the bed over them. There’s no way I can fluff the king-size featherbed by myself so that it will look right once it’s made, and we’re not able to afford a housekeeper type person to do that for me, so it just doesn’t get fluffed unless we change the sheets–and then it looks good until we get in the bed and make those valleys. My OCD won’t let me bother with making the bed if it’s going to look ridiculous anyway, hence no daily bed making.

I do occasionally think about the fact that the bedroom looks so much nicer if the bed is made though. I decided that getting to the root of the problem was in order. The root of it was that featherbed. If that wasn’t there, I’d be more likely to make the bed every day, and then the bedroom would look all pretty. I purchased a new mattress cover with some hoity-toity sounding TheraGel Isotonic thingy in it and ditched the featherbed. Yay!! Now I could make the bed, right?

Yes, I could make the bed, BUT I was missing one of the decorative pillow shams. It has been in my sewing room awaiting a repair since ITMan got a bit overzealous removing a pillow from it two years ago. Yes, I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to mending things and beside that, I wasn’t making the bed anyway, remember? Didn’t need the sham if I wasn’t making the bed! So, I visited with my Bernina for a bit to repair the sham, and I also added some velcro tape to both shams to keep them closed in the back better. I’ve only been meaning to do that since I bought those shams 10+ years ago.

Okay, so it was just a pillow sham, and it was about two feet of actual stitching all together. I even had thoughts in my head when I sat down to sew like “Why in the world didn’t I put the feed dogs down when I was free-motion quilting the last time I used this thing??” and “I obviously can’t remember how to do any of this stuff…” and I even had to take out the first thing I did and do it again because the thread wasn’t really the right color. Despite all of that, it was lovely to be sitting at the machine with hands on some fabric, doing something constructive–even if it was just mending. I recalled something my mother said to me recently when we were chatting about LittleOne taking riding lessons: “Horses are good for the soul.” I think the same could be said of sewing, and I need to get back to it more often.