Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement I received, both here on the site and via email, after my last post. It’s heartwarming to know that others do understand and that I’m not alone! Looking back a bit, the irony of this post following hard on the heels of this one is not lost on me. I still feel quite ambivalent about it all really, but at this point any decision seems better than no decision at all and if it turns out to be the wrong one later, so be it. I can live with that, because it’s not like it hasn’t happened before, right?

Onward! When I look at all of this “stuff” I have in my studio, I find it rather sad that it’s all sitting here in the dark, not being loved and used and inspiring. It was all inspiring to me at one time; a piece of beautiful fabric could (and did!) inspire whole quilts, and the texture and color interaction of embellishment materials could be the start of entire sets of Inchies. Just because it isn’t inspiring to me anymore doesn’t mean that it should sit in the dark until the end of time however. These lovely bits and bobs should be getting used and loved by someone, and to that end I’ve started creating bundles for my shop.

I’ve selected fabrics from my stash of Christmas and fall fabrics, added tone-on-tone blenders, a few beads and some luscious fibers, and put them all together as a yummy package perfect for gift giving, quilt guild raffles, workshop giveaways, or as a little gift of inspiration for yourself. I call them Creative Beginnings, because that’s what they are. I’m hoping that these little bundles can be the start of something wonderful for other creative folks! Some bundles have beads and fibers that coordinate with the fabrics, some have only coordinating beads, and some are just fat quarters, since I have a LOT more fabric than I have beads and fibers!

Do note that the fabrics, beads and fibers come from my personal stash that’s been growing for 20 years. Some fabrics have been pre-washed, others haven’t. We don’t smoke here, but I do have cats so there might be a cat hair or two here or there because the boys like to be in the middle of whatever I’m doing and let’s face it, cat hair is just a part of life here. Don’t panic, it’s not “carpets of cat hair on fabric”–I’d never do that to anyone! Creative Beginnings bundles are tied with natural 100% cotton twine–I don’t need to clutter up your stash with silly sparkly ribbons that you’ll never use! The twine even says it’s biodegradable, so go use it to tie up plants in the garden or something I guess? 😀

I’ll be working my way through my stash in a sort of seasonal anticipation manner as time and motivation permit; right now I have lots of blue fabrics and assorted beads and fibers out on the table waiting for attention. I’m thinking of that chilly January look with snowflakes and lots of blue and silver. For now, the first of the Creative Beginnings bundles in fall and holiday varieties are already in the shop! Check them out and let me know what you think!