A Love-ly Finish for Valentine’s Day

Love Notes Inchie detail, by Nadine Ruggles

Have you ever had a quilt that went together so well that you were left wondering how you managed it? I mean, I have the ones that refuse to be friendly and fight with me from beginning to end quite frequently, so when I get one that’s extra cooperative it’s definitely a pleasure and a bonus!

I had a set of Inchies that didn’t work out for another project quite some time ago, and they’ve been sitting around in a bag waiting for a home ever since. They weren’t really “Valentine” colors, but I thought I could work them in to a small project for the season anyway. This was another one of those projects without a plan, so I was doubly rewarded that I like it so well now that it’s finished!

I was inspired by the little hearts in this project at Temecula Quilt Co. that I found via Pinterest. I made a few of those in colors that coordinated with the Inchies:

Love Notes detail, Inchies and Hearts by Nadine Ruggles
Love Notes detail, Inchies and Hearts

I found a really cool embroidery design at Urban Threads–shocking I know, right? Like Urban Threads has any designs that aren’t cool! I just want to spend my life watching the embroidery machine stitching out UT designs and if I can’t do that–or shouldn’t–I can at least drool over all the designs on their site, right?

Love Notes detail, Urban Threads embroidery design by Nadine Ruggles
Love Notes detail, Urban Threads embroidery design

I really liked the inked lettering I did for the Wicked Blog Hop project and I’ve been eager to try it again. I fiddled around in Photoshop and came up with a design, and transferred the design to the fabric with the same method I used before, though I did pull out some additional ink colors this time for the heart in the middle.

Love Notes detail, inking on fabric by Nadine Ruggles
Love Notes detail, inking on fabric

When it came time to put it all together, I laid it out in rows, slapped a few spacers in between and on the ends, added a couple of borders and called it good. Even the quilting went well, especially for using a rather unplanned, mostly unmarked, make it up as you go along method. There’s a wild mix of threads in there for the quilting, including Mettler cotton 50/3, Aurifil cotton 50/2, YLI silk #100, and Superior Threads Rainbows and King Tut variegated threads. I used ALL DA THREADZ!! It was totally fun and I got to use one of my favorite heart border stencils too. 🙂

The only thing I wasn’t all that pleased with is the binding. I thought “Oh, I’ll just use a turned edge binding, and it’ll be quick” since I’d just trim and turn the excess backing to the front of the quilt and sew it down. Or not. Seriously, I think it would have been quicker to make three miles of French double fold binding and sew it all down by hand than this turned edge thing on this tiny little quilt! Lots of pressing, I had to do the corners by hand so they would be mitered perfectly, and the edges of the quilt are just not as stable as they would have been with a double fold binding. In fact, the edges are a bit ruffly even, which is just not cool. The edges wouldn’t have been ruffly if I’d just done the binding the way I always do! Turned edge binding is definitely on my “don’t do again” list!

In the end, the orphan Inchies fit right in despite not being traditional Valentine colors. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

And I just love this little butterfly guy, though I’ve had to try hard not to smoosh his wings:

Love Notes Inchie detail, by Nadine Ruggles
Love Notes Inchie detail. butterfly with WireLace wings

Okay, maybe it doesn’t look much like a butterfly from that angle…in a picture…or maybe at all. It’s a butterfly, okay? Okay. Now that I’ve shared all my favorite bits (and probably made you wonder if there was ever an end to it 😉 ), here’s the whole thing:

Love Notes by Nadine Ruggles
Love Notes

Totally enjoyable from start to finish, unlike that other recent project that shall remain nameless, possibly forever. It was really nice to get into the groove with this one after totally missing it with the other one! What are you groovin’ with for Valentine’s day?

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  1. Wow I am so impressed with your quilting I wouldn’t have any idea were to even start with a project like this. The colours you’ve used work really well together and the final result is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x


    1. Hi Ali! I’d say “Start with one thing that inspires you and take one step at a time, adding related things or techniques as you go.” I’ll bet you already do this with artwork of your own. 😉 Thanks for your super kind comments, and for visiting!


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