Work in Progress Wednesday–Finding the Groove Post Icepocalypse

Artisan Batiks and Essex Linen quilt detail by Nadine Ruggles

Last week was definitely weird here in the South. The Snowpocalypse a few weeks back was bad enough, but the Icepocalypse was much worse for us. Augusta was the hardest hit by that storm, and here we were right in the middle of it all. Turns out ice storms are momentum killers…who knew? I spent last Wednesday trying to get things done on the computer in between power flickers, until Wednesday evening when it sputtered out and died entirely, and proceeded to stay out until… wait for it… Saturday morning! Not cool, Mr. Winter, not cool…

Quilting related work was almost non-existent. No power == no machine, no computer to work on patterns, not enough light for hand work most of the time and no iron of course. It’s amazing how completely dependent our lives are on having electricity at the flick of a switch, and even more amazing how little we realize it until it’s not available. As I said on Twitter, funny how some days you’d just like to read all day, until there’s nothing else to do and then you’d rather not!

I did have to relent Thursday evening and turn on the stinky gas fireplace as the temperature continued to dip lower and lower in the house. I totally despise that fireplace because the smell is disgusting–no, it’s not leaking gas or anything, it’s the smell of the burned gas that is offensive to me, and yes, I realize that my sense of smell is VERY overdeveloped. I even recently considered having the installer come round and yank it out and replace it with an electric one just for the ambiance, but obviously I’m glad I didn’t do that now! It pushed the temperature in most of the house back up to an acceptable level each day, so we’ll just keep it as insurance against the next uncharacteristic weather event in the South and be glad we have it at all!

Other than being warm enough most of the time, we fared pretty well, considering everything. We had lots of quilts to sleep under–go figure!–we could charge phones, readers and iPads in the car, and we had plenty of food on hand. With the gas grill outside we had hot dinners and even hot coffee, which makes everything better! We played a few board games, read a lot, and wondered hourly when Georgia Power would get around to our area for repairs. 😕

I was doing okay with it all until Friday night when Mother Nature added insult to an already injurious situation and threw us an earthquake! Truly, that about threw me over the edge. This was only the fourth or fifth earthquake I’ve ever felt in my life, and it was the biggest. Yes, I realize that 4.1 isn’t that big a deal to some folks and we were ~30 miles from the center, but when you’ve never lived through anything bigger and never lived anywhere that regularly experiences such things, it’s a big deal. It might not have been so awful if we hadn’t already been in the middle of a weird situation, but we were, and so it was. 😯

I did get a small bit of quilting related stitching in during the day when there was enough light coming in the window in the afternoon:

Artisan Batiks and Essex Linen quilt detail by Nadine Ruggles
Artisan Batiks and Essex Linen quilt detail

I’ve finished the stitching around the circles now, and I thought perhaps the quilt was done but I’ve since decided to add a line of embroidery around the outside edge:

Weeks Dye Works #5 Pearl Cotton embroidery by Nadine Ruggles
Weeks Dye Works #5 Pearl Cotton embroidery

I love this Weeks Dye Works #5 Pearl Cotton! It’s hand dyed with lovely variations in color. I’m using a few different colors and trying to change them at appropriate times so that the color change is gradual and I really love the effect. My mother and I did one of our email brainstorming sessions about a name for this quilt, so as soon as I get this part done I can label it and share the whole thing!

Weeks Dye Works #5 Pearl Cotton embroidery by Nadine Ruggles
Weeks Dye Works #5 Pearl Cotton embroidery

Other than this one small thing, I’ve just been trying to get back into things after an interruption of a few days, which is work in progress all on its own. What was I doing or planning to do when we lost power? What emails have I not answered? What projects were delayed? What’s on my calendar for the rest of this week? Do we have anything to eat now that much of our perishables have perished from lack of refrigeration? How is it already three quarters of the way through February? It’s like going on vacation only we didn’t get any souvenirs! What’s up with that?

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8 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday–Finding the Groove Post Icepocalypse

  1. Hi Nadine,
    just popped over from WIP. I am in admiration of your very neat hand stitching. I do a lot of machine fmq, but I haven’t the patience for hand sewing.

    I hope you are coping with the snow, ice and cold. It is interesting reading about US weather in blog land. In England the temperature is unusually mild, but we are being battered by storms. So much land is flooded, so many people have lost their homes and many more without electricity. No earthquakes though. Lots of sea ports have lost building and sea walls to the waves. Mother nature is strong!
    Keep warm
    hilary Florence


    1. Hi Hilary! I do find that handwork can be a nice change from the machine from time to time, and of course I’ve become a bit addicted to embellishments with beads and fibers too!

      For now, the ice/snow/cold is completely gone, and we’re back to 80 degree weather here though I hear we may get hit again with more snow in a week or so. I think the weather just gets stranger every season, no matter where you live. Not only is Mother Nature strong, she’s fickle. 😉

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. Love your handstitching , that border is really lovely. We got a battering too this winter in Ireland (high winds and flooding) and lots of power cuts around the country. Thankfully we have an open fire and my mum has a gas hob for cooking. Some went without power for over 4 days. Makes we wish we kept the back boiler as well as the electric shower!


    1. Howdy Ruth! I’m like you–just thankful that we had a way to keep warm here. Well, also thankful that we only had 2-3 days without power and not more. Thanks for your sweet comments, and for stopping in!


  3. Here in Arkansas we are much like you – we rarely get snow (though probably much more often than you!) and only occasionally get ice. It’s one of the reasons we love living here. Last year it snowed Christmas Day…and snowed, and snowed, and snowed. Our power was off several days too so I can certainly relate to your dilemma. We are blessed because we have both a gas and wood fireplace, a gas cook stove and a gas hot water heater. We were able to have hot showers and cook indoors – both completely awesome in those rare times that others don’t have that luxury. And we have a generator so we can run the refrigerator and freezer. Bliss. Your embroidery is lovely. I think it was a good choice to stitch around the edge – it sort of sets off the rest. Your linen background fabric is perfect for this too. There is only one small quilt shop where I live and they don’t “do” embroidery so everything I need I order online. But I find that fabrics like linen really should be seen and felt before deciding…until I see someone else’s work and think oh that fabric would be perfect. 🙂 blessings, marlene


    1. Wow Marlene, sounds like you guys are pretty self sufficient when things like this happen! ITMan and I talked about getting a generator, but I don’t think we’d need it often enough (crossing fingers and knocking on wood of course!).

      Thanks for your lovely comments about my quilt and embroidery–I’m still stitching away at it, having started on the smaller side. I think I should have started on the larger side–then it would feel like I was on the home stretch sooner!


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