Coming Soon: Memory Lane Monday @ DWQ

Memory Lane Monday @ DreamWeaver's Quilts

I’ve thought about all of my older quilts from time to time, and realized that not only are they not all labeled (yes, I know…bad quilter award here), I don’t even have photos of all of them. I have a whole house full of quilts; they’re in closets, on racks, on the walls, draped over chairs and couches, and stacked up on desks and cabinets. There are many more quilts in the house than I’ve documented on this site or anywhere else.

I began to photograph all of my quilts last week planning to add pages to the gallery section on the website to document them all. I’ve made it through all of the smaller quilts that I could throw up on the design wall, though I need to hope for a sunny weekend day so that ITMan can help me with photographing the larger ones outside I think. I’ve also spent a bit of time digging around in my (apparently) rather faulty memory trying to figure out exactly when some of them were made since I didn’t label them!

Then over the weekend I wandered around the Internet (I do that way too much btw!), and I found myself on LuAnn Kessi’s site. Her machine quilting is a-maz-ing, and I love her sketchbook work, wow! In her profile she says, “I also feel it is important to display my original quilts, as my older work defines who I am today.”

That statement really resonated with me. There’s so much more to artwork than what we’re doing today and the project that we’re working on right now. Every quilt we’ve ever made is part of an ever-growing foundation for the next quilt we’ll work on. Just as important as displaying older works is revisiting these older projects with a more experienced eye.

While photographing quilts, I also spent quite a bit of time thinking about what I learned while making these quilts and what I’ve learned since then, and what I might do differently if I was to make the same project or something similar today. There are also memories that go along with these quilts–where we lived when I made them, what was happening in our lives, whatever special occasion the quilt marked or even just which quilts I enjoyed making the most. Not much of this is documented anywhere but in my head, and we already know that my memory is faulty so this is not a very good permanent solution. 😉

In the midst of my photography frenzy last week, I mused on Twitter that I should do a weekly post about older quilts. Doing a weekly post might make it easier to tackle the job of getting all of these quilts documented and posted on the site!

Memory Lane MondaySo, starting on Monday, I’ll be hosting Memory Lane Monday right here. And hey, maybe I can get a few of you other nice quilting bloggers to join me and post about your own older quilts, right? ‘Cause it’s not all about what’s on the design wall or in progress or just finished right now, it’s also about where we’ve been as artists, what we’ve learned and the memories we’ve created.

So let’s make it a linky party, right here on Mondays–because we can never have enough linky parties, right? Every Monday, I’ll post pictures of an older quilt or project and whatever other details are relevant about the construction or associated memories from the making of it. I’ll be inviting you to link up and do the same. It can be an older quilt you’ve blogged about before, or one you’ve never shared, it’s up to you! Once you’ve linked up here, be sure to visit a few other Memory Lane Monday friends and discover and be inspired by a bit of their quilting history too! You in?

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Memory Lane Monday @ DWQ

  1. This sounds like a great idea! I have photographs of all but one quilt, but many have never been blogged. I keep trying to improve my record-keeping, and note the size, fabrics and threads etc., but it never seems to happen.


    1. We should definitely commit to making that happen together then Emma! I’m just bad at record-keeping in general and it seemed like such a big job to just post all these pictures and details up on the site for documentation purposes. It seems easier to tackle when I look at it as a weekly thing with the dual purpose of really revisiting older work.


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