Turn Signals, Bloglovin’, Dolls & Sticks

Nadine "all dolled up"

Random, short(ish) thoughts from the week in no particular order of importance (though if you’re new ’round here, be warned that I don’t do “short” very well):

Is there a mechanic in the house: There must be a shortage of mechanics in Georgia that are qualified to repair turn signals. Either that, or cars in this area of the country don’t come with standard turn signals built in. I know this because of the number of folks out there who are driving around with (apparently) broken ones.

Mustang Sequential Tail lights
Mustang Sequential Tail lights
How is it not a habit to use a turn signal? 😯 Heck, I use mine all the time! In fact, it’s such an ingrained habit to use a turn signal that I even use it when I’m turning into my garage from my own driveway, which can actually be slightly embarrassing if there’s someone else in the car! Besides, my turn signals are totally cool ’cause they do that sequential blinky thing there, which is all the more reason to use them a lot, though of course I never get to see because I don’t follow myself! Yeah, I went a lil’ bit pseudo-guy-car-freak when I bought my car years ago, but even after seven years I still love, love, LOVE it so it’s all good. 🙂

Claiming what’s already mine: Am I the only one who can’t get Bloglovin’ to let me claim a blog? Seriously. I’ve emailed them twice now over it. All I really wanted was a place to read blogs again (after not reading many regularly for years and not bothering to do anything about my reading list when Google Reader ceased to exist… bad me… ), but somehow Bloglovin’ has to add in all this social networking mumbo jumbo and want me to claim my blog. UM… it’s already MINE, right? Oh fine whatever…

Anyway, there are three different “blogs” listed at Bloglovin’ for DreamWeaver’s Quilts (even though they all lead here), and another three or four for Inchie Quilts (even though they all go to InchieQuilts.com). It’s not like there are many followers anyway (yes, this is what happens when you go mostly MIA for four years, I know), but it would be nice if the folks at Bloglovin’ could either consolidate all of them into just two since that’s what there really is, or could let me claim all of them as mine (and maybe that’s just me wanting order in a world of total chaos, idk). I followed the instructions and put the “claim code” in a post, and it still won’t let me claim all the blogs. I did manage to get it to let me claim this one, but still waiting to hear back from them on the rest of course. /growl

Nadine "all dolled up"
Nadine “all dolled up”
All dolled up: I really, really love the little picture that Jaye@artquiltmaker has on her blog. I mean… I really LOVE it. Can I say that again? Okay, I probably shouldn’t or she’ll think I’m weird. Well, she probably already thinks that… Anywho, it’s so cute! She uses it for her avatar on sites like Twitter and Facebook too. I love it so much, I spent a good deal of time figuring out where to get my own, and then making it! Too much fun!!

Ta-daa! This sorta kinda looks like me… in a way… Can I get away with it as my “photo” on my site like she does? I dunno, but I might hafta try, ’cause I’d be a lot happier with the “doll-me” than I ever am with true photographs. Photographs of me just don’t ever look like me to me okay? Just sayin’.

Do I really need this: Has anyone used a Strip Stick? It looks nifty and like it really might help to keep strip sets from going wonky during pressing, but I’d love to hear feedback from someone who has actually used the thing before I buy one! So many newfangled quilting gizmos aren’t really all that useful in the end, though we all hope it will be different when we buy one! 🙂

Really Random ThursdayOkay, I’ma quit ramblin’ nows. What’s your randomness for today?

Linking up with Really Random Thursday, because why not? I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts linked from there that are totally random!

Memory Lane MondayP.S. Coming on Monday: Memory Lane Monday @ DWQ! Join me then and share your older quilts!

6 thoughts on “Turn Signals, Bloglovin’, Dolls & Sticks

  1. Hi Nadine,
    I subscribe to Bloglovin’ and your blog comes to me through them. I transferred all my blogs from Google Reader last summer, yours was on list and when you began to write again – your blog popped up. Good to hear from you!
    I do like the Strip Stick – especially for those times pressing one seam turns another.



    1. Hi Ann! Oh I know the blogs all show up fine at Bloglovin’, I just can’t figure out why they had to add in that claiming bit, and why it doesn’t seem to want to work when I try to do it! They did finally fix it so there are only two now, which is how it should be, so it’s all good.

      It seams I really do need that Strip Stick! 😉 I hadn’t thought of that benefit, so thank you!

      And thanks, it is good to be writing here again, though I’m still finding my way a bit for a variety of reasons! 🙂


  2. I, too, have a Strip Stick. I totally agree with Ann P. I use it for pressing seams either open or to the side when other seams get in the way. I used to get so frustrated when doing a block and my iron (me!!) kept un-ironing the next door neighboring seams.


    1. Hiya LJ! Yep, I’ve decided I do need a Strip Stick after all! Thanks go to you and Ann for reminding me that irons do indeed have “fat” middles and back ends, and they are forever un-ironing perfectly pressed seams!


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