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Quilt Shows, Expos and Museums by Nadine Ruggles @ Pinterest

Random, short(ish) thoughts from the week in no particular order of importance (though if you’re new ’round here, be warned that I don’t do “short” very well):

What’s in a name: I’ve been tossing around the idea of changing the name of my website for a while. DreamWeaver’s Quilts isn’t really significant in any way, or related to or descriptive of what I do and have done for years. Oh, okay yeah, the “Quilts” bit is, but the rest? Honestly, it was the one thing I thought of that I liked years ago when I purchased the domain name, and was actually inspired by one of my favorite songs ever, Dream Weaver by Gary… um… whatshisface… brb Googling that… Gary Wright, that was it. And lookie, I even found a YouTube video of it live:

Oh so awesome, though I still like the original recorded version better, tyvm. Oh–about that domain name–I purchased this domain name in November, 2001! 😯 How time flies! Anyway, I finally thought of a new name that was just a general, nice sounding name that didn’t necessarily scream “quilts” since that’s not necessarily all I’ll do for the rest of my life, and I created a new logo for it, yadda yadda.

Meanwhile, Pinterest did that thing with Rich Pins, and I jumped on the bandwagon to have that Rich Pin data added to the Pins from this site. Bad move apparently, because now if I want to change the name of the site, which would also change the domain name, all the old pins will still have DWQ Rich Pin data on them and I’ll have to reapply for Rich Pins with the new domain name. I asked Pinterest support how to handle this and that was the first part of the answer, and the second part was something about using the oEmbed endpoint and modifying it to make sure it would send a response to the old URLs… um… yeah I have no idea what that all means, okay? /cry

Social media scares me: Ya know, sometimes you click on a profile in a RT on Twitter and then you click on the link to this previously unknown random person’s website, and you suddenly know WAY more than you’d ever WANT to know about anyone, especially someone you don’t even know at all, and you can’t find the little x at the top of the browser tab fast enough. You also cannot unsee. You’re even pretty surprised that you’re actually following a company who would RT something from someone else who would put something like that on their website, even if the original Tweet was pretty innocuous. 😯 I’m not going to link the page I ended up at because my site is G-rated (and besides that, it was really gross), but let’s just say I won’t be doing any more random clicking on Twitter.

Livin’ in the city: I read that Citibank and the NYC Government are teaming up to provide classes in entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, product photography, business strategy and growth to craft-based entrepreneurships in NYC. How cool is this? Dang, I wish there were programs like that in other, more remote places in the world (cough, cough) like Augusta (ahem.), though apparently to qualify you have to have never made a sale on Etsy, which would disqualify me anyway. The price of “success” I guess. 😉

On the road: When the good folks at Pinterest released their new PlacePins feature, I wasn’t an early adopter. I’m not much of a traveler, so I wondered what use it would be to me anyway. BUT! Add quilting into the mix, and I’m a bit more likely to hop in the car! I decided to experiment a bit with a PlacePins board for quilt shows, expos and museums, and once I played with it a bit, I’m totally sold on how the PlacePins feature works!

Seriously, go have a look at this board at Pinterest: Quilt Shows, Expos and Museums. Click on the plus sign in the bottom right corner a couple of times, and use the mouse to drag the map your state or area of the country. See those pins? Each pin is a marker for a quilt show, and if you click on one, you’ll see the corresponding pin highlighted on the left. Go go go, I’ll wait right here.

Quilt Shows, Expos and Museums by Nadine Ruggles @ Pinterest

Oh! You’re back! Good. Did you find the shows near you? You can click on the pin for a show, and it will take you straight to that quilt show’s website to get more information about the show! I’ve included the months when the show is typically held on the pin so that if you’re looking for a nearby quilt show in April for example, you can just ignore the shows that aren’t in April. Obviously, this map is a work in progress! I think I managed to add all of the larger regional shows, but the smaller quilt guild shows are going to take a while, simply because there are so many!

If you know of a local guild quilt show, send me a message so I can include it on the map! You can reach me via the contact form here at DWQ, via Twitter, via Facebook, or send me a Pin via Pinterest!

Really Random ThursdayOkay, I’ma quit ramblin’ nows. What’s your randomness for today?

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Bits & City Life

  1. This was super interesting. So my posts automatically link to twitter but I never actually go there. I usually feel like I’m walking into the middle of someone’s conversation and have no clue what they are talking about.

    Now about Pinterest. I use it to pin things I don’t want to forget–usually tutorials so I’m not printing out reams and reams of tutorials and having to figure out a filing system. So I was totally clueless about the two things you talked about, Rich Pins and the Places thing. Obviously I need to spend more time on Pinterest. Obviously.

    Thanks for linking up!!

    Oh, and yay! You are on Instagram. Because I’m REALLY hooked on IG!


    1. Hiya Cindy! I sometimes feel like that on Twitter too, and of course part of it is that I nuked my old Twitter account years ago and just recently opened it again, so I’m still finding my way to people to follow and chat with, etc. I think it’s one of those things where you end up using it a LOT, or not at all, because if you’re not there a few times a day, you don’t really have time to build any relationships with people there, so it’s always going to feel like walking into a crowded room alone, and everyone’s already chatting with someone else. Just my take on it, though I’m by no means very Twitter-savvy.

      BUT! I LOVE me some Pinterest! I wish I’d gotten on that train a lot sooner than I did. It’s inspiration on a platter just waiting to be eaten up. And of course you need to spend more time on Pinterest–we all need to spend more time there. 😉

      I like IG too, though I’m terribad at that thumb typing thing. With me it’s more like finger typing, but still. The fingernails make me slow, so taking the pictures is fine but captioning them is just…ugh. It just needs to be Wordless Wednesday for me every day of the week!

      Thanks to YOU for hosting Really Random Thursday, ’cause it’s my new favorite party. 🙂


  2. Wow! You are way more tech savvy than me!! I always feel like I’m bumbling around with any new techie “thing”. I’ve never tried Twitter or Instagram. I do have a Pinterest account, which I love. Being able to pin things and go back to find them later is great. But I’m lost when you talk about Rich Pins and Place Pins. Guess I’ll have to look into these features sometime. 😉


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