Crafty Sewing and a Little Giving

Lanyards for January by Nadine Ruggles

It all started with LittleOne’s new job. Yep, my youngest daughter–turning 18 in three days (which honestly seams pretty unreal to me!)–landed a job at a government agency with a high school work study program. Her very first job no less! Just like ITMan, she wears a badge to work every day and this required much searching to find her a badge holder/lanyard thing that was way more awesome than the typical ones on offer at the local office super store.

I did find one on Etsy and it was nice, but the badge holding connector part wasn’t really what she wanted and I knew I could figure out something she’d like better. And you know, I do have just a few fabrics to choose from to make her something pretty right? I found a sweet dark blue batik with lighter blue line drawings of cats on it that she liked, and made this:

Blue Badge Holder Lanyard

Actually I left out a step–that step where I spent HOURS on the Internet looking for the kind of plastic hardware thingy that ITMan had on his lanyard! It’s a nice little clippy thing that’s really two pieces, and you can unclip the bottom part if you need to take the badge off the lanyard for whatever reason. It’s also really slim and not bulky or lumpy; you just put the badge on the string with a lark’s head knot so it’s super easy too! Obviously I found them, but the shipping costs just about killed me…

Anyway! LitteOne loved it and all was well, until ITMan thought his was a tad boring and wanted something snazzier than the plain grey nylon strap. It had the awesome (and damnably hard to find and apparently expensive to ship 🙄 ) little clippy thing on the bottom, but it was otherwise boring, and not even toward the more-exciting end of the boring spectrum at that.

Around that same time–rolling into the beginning of October actually–I thought “Hey, Pink for October! They should have pink lanyards with little pink awareness ribbons! Because PINK!” They both said (with a bit of a sidewise squinty eye look at me it must be noted) that sure, they’d wear pink lanyards for October in honor of breast cancer awareness. Seriously, aren’t they just the greatest? I sent them both off to work wearing these:

Pink for October Lanyard by Nadine Ruggles

and then they came home with requests from coworkers that wanted to buy their own. Um. Okay… I guess I can make some to sell. And since it’s in the name of awareness, I could donate some of the cost of each one to charity. I made a few more pink lanyards and sent them off to the office, and donated a few bucks at the end of the month the the National Breast Cancer Society. Done deal, right?

Nope. One of the guys in ITMan’s office wanted something for November. Okay then! I made a few lanyards with fall-ish themed fabrics (though I couldn’t get my hands on any fabric with small enough turkeys to really grant that guy’s wish; maybe next year!) and donated a few more bucks to Golden Harvest, our local food bank here in Augusta. A few more folks wanted Christmasy-themed lanyards in December, and Toys For Tots got a donation at the end of the month.

Making Lanyards for January

Now here we are in January, and I have two bags of lanyards ready to go to the office again. January says “snowflakes” to me, and the color blue. Admittedly they’re not large bags as I’m not making hundreds of lanyards (thankfully!), but it seems we’ve started a trend at the office. 🙂 Snowball Express, a charity that serves the children of fallen military heroes, will have a donation at the end of January.

Lanyards for January by Nadine Ruggles

I’ve already gathered Valentine fabrics for February, though I haven’t chosen a charity just yet. I might give to the American Heart Association or Go Red for Women perhaps–seems appropriate! No idea about March yet, but I think April is an awareness month for pets so that’s probably easy! What’s on your giving list this year?