A Mini (Almost) Finish

La Furlana, detail by Nadine Ruggles

This week was pretty awesome on some counts, and kinda flat on others. The biggest awesome bit? LittleOne passed her drivers license test and is now driving herself around! Woohoo! My taxi hat is officially OFF now, forever I hope!! Less yo-yo-ing in the car and more quilting is never a bad thing, right?

With my new found productivity I was able to make good progress on this little quilt, and put the last stitches in the binding last night:

La Furlana by Nadine Ruggles

I had a lovely time quilting it yesterday. I pulled out my quilting stencils and picked one that was almost the right size for the center and marked it up with blue washout marker. I do my best free motion quilting when I have lines to follow, so I decided I’d just go with the flow on this one!

I started to use Superior Threads Rainbows variegated thread on it, and then changed my mind at the last minute. My machine isn’t all that happy with Rainbows; I like it, but quilting with it sometimes isn’t all that stress-free for me or my machine, so I went with Masterpiece cotton instead. I’m so glad I did, because the Masterpiece cotton thread is fine enough that the spots where I had to double-stitch to quilt this hand-quilting pattern in continuous-line machine quilting style didn’t end up bulky and thready looking.

La Furlana, detail by Nadine Ruggles

In the center square and the border, I just followed some of the main design lines on the fabric because it was fabulous fabric and I didn’t want to cover it up too much! And about that fabulous fabric… I think I bought it at Hancocks of Paducah online, and I only bought a half yard. Silly me, right? Even so, that half yard would have been just fine if I hadn’t changed the plan for this quilt after cutting into quite a bit of it. As it was, I had to get really creative on the border cutting and I still ran short by about ½”.

I looked online for more fabric of course, and could only find one place that had it which was on Etsy, and they wanted $20 for ONE HALF YARD of it. Seriously? I mean, I know it’s older and it’s out of print, but dang. This is fabric, not fine wine people. I decided to just say no to that because I wasn’t THAT desperate and I’m sorry but I wasn’t going to enable that kind of thing. Instead, I spent a LOT of time cutting VERY carefully and then piecing this tiny bit in on the end of one of the border pieces:

Mitered corner bit

I’m pretty happy that in the end, you can hardly see the seam! Score: one for me, zero for fabric seller. Maybe someone else will come along who is more desperate to get their hands on what surely must be the very last half yard of that fabric in the world, right? What about you? What’s the most you’d spend on fabric, or would that depend on your “desperation level”?

This little quilt is almost finished. There are still the Inchies to make, after all! What, you thought I’d make a quilt and leave the Inchies off? Nah. I’m still a little bit addicted to them. 😉 I can get you addicted to them too, because I’m giving away a copy of my latest Inchie Quilt and the InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool & Ruler Set on Instagram. Follow and repost the giveaway with the hashtag #inchiesjan15 to win! Have a wonderful Sunday!

4 thoughts on “A Mini (Almost) Finish

  1. Gorgeous little quilt, Nadine! What is the size? I’ve done that with extra piecing of leftover little pieces. It IS pretty satisfying. I love your storytelling. 🙂


    1. Hi Debbie!

      The quilt is just under 17″ square. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m very much like my Grandmama; she never told anyone anything without a long story attached! 🙂


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