Coming Soon: Fabric Bias

Fabric Bias

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I’ve been thinking of changing my website name and URL for quite a while. Years even. As I said here, DreamWeaver’s Quilts isn’t exactly meaningful in any way at all. It’s just what I came up with back in 2001 when I decided I should have a website. When I started blogging in 2006, I just set up the blog in a subdirectory of DreamWeaver’s Quilts and started writing. At that time, the focus was predominantly quilting so it all made sense.

As the years went by, DWQ was constricting at times. Not that quilting wasn’t still the focus, but the feel of DWQ wasn’t quite right. It feels very formal and traditional, and while I can be that, I’m not always that so it’s not always a great fit. While I love the logo that a friend designed especially for me, I also like changing things up and there’s not much to do with it to give it a fresh look. I have mostly loved DWQ for a lot of years, but it’s time for a change.

Trying on new things

So began the search for a name that did fit. I tried on a couple of things, even went so far as to make new logos and such, and brainstormed and thought about many more. Nothing was quite right though, or this would have happened long before now!

As often happens if I have enough patience, my subconscious finally spit something out during the holidays that had me grabbing for the iPad to check and see if the domain name was free, and amazingly enough, it was available. I loved it immediately. It’s not just “quilty” and it’s not too formal or too casual either. It’s shorter and easier to remember than, and doesn’t have a dash in it. The double meaning appeals to me; it’s amusing and a little bit light hearted. It seemed I’d found a winner.

Still I sat on the idea for a while, letting it gel and thinking about whether it would be right and a good fit for the future. After much thought, trying on, and weighing of pros and cons, I’m excited to finally move forward with!

Fabric Bias

What is this about really?

It’s about my Great Grandma teaching me to make babydoll bibs and Barbie clothes by hand with giant, crooked stitches and scraps from her fabric trunk when I was six or seven. When I was a little older, she even let me sew a little on her machine. It’s about my mom teaching me to sew pretty clothes on her Riccar sewing machine when I was twelve. It’s about the smell of the Hancock’s Fabrics store where I spent sooo much time looking at fabric and patterns for clothes and prom dresses that I made in high school–I can still remember that smell that was overwhelming when you walked in the door.

It’s about conning the art teacher into letting me take Advanced Independent Study in Art in my senior year in high school because I wanted to learn to oil paint–and had never taken an art class before–and then begging her to teach me screen printing on fabric instead. Sewing my work wardrobe, and even sewing tailored clothing and sportswear for ITMan when we were newly married. Being so desperate to cover up the sad looking plaid couch that we had back then (that we couldn’t afford to replace) that I made shabby chic slipcovers with yards and yards and yards of decorator cotton. Making crib linens and a comforter before my first daughter was born.

It’s about being sucked in to the quilting world by the fabrics arranged in color order on the walls in the quilting department of the fabric store where I worked. Making wearable art as a transitional step between garment sewing and quilting. Color is part of it, but with fabric there’s the tactile and textural dimension as well. It’s about how the fabrics work and play together and accent each other. It’s about the play of light and shadow over the weave of the fabric, the drape and fall of pleats at a waistline, and the hills and valleys of quilting stitches.

It’s about all the times I’ve tried other artistic mediums and come right back to fabric, sometimes using those mediums on the fabric instead of by themselves to create something new. Fabric is my go-to fix. Sometimes I just need to play with it, and sometimes I use it to fix things. There may not always be quilts here, but there will always be fabric here.

What will change here?

In the short term, not much other than the name and the URL. There will be a more definite focus on doing what I really love–playing with fabric–as opposed to doing what I think I “should” be doing with the “quilting business” end of it. I’m planning for a more “me” feeling which is something that’s been missing, but also something that’s not necessarily easily defined for others.

For now, consider this a “heads up.” On Sunday, February 1, all of the content here will be moved to and will be automatically redirecting to the new domain. See you there!