New Digs! After Action Details

Whew!! Okay, I can maybe get back to life now! I spent literally ALL WEEKEND and part of Monday working through the bazillion little details that have to be dealt with to move a website to a new domain. I’ve been kind of absent from life because of all the work to do it, but I’m happy to say it’s mostly done now. There are a few little bits that are still a problem; the programming seems to have picked up a slight flutter during the migration and I’m still trying to get my website host to do the right things to sort it all out, but it will get there. There are a couple of things for readers to note:

RSS feedIf you consume content here via RSS feed, do please update your feed reader with this new feed address: I’ve used Feedburner for years, but it’s definitely time to phase that out since Google could give it the axe at any time. Note that if you use Bloglovin’ to follow this blog, you don’t need to update anything as the awesome folks at Bloglovin’ kindly migrated all current followers to the new address.

PinterestOn the other hand, Pinterest hasn’t been that easy to work with. All current Pins at Pinterest should be redirecting at this time despite the fact that I’ve been told by Pinterest that they block redirects like this because of spammers. I went round and round with them about this; despite hearing from them a year ago that they could put a redirect in place on my pins from their end, they now say there’s nothing they can (or will?) do to update the pins from my old site. Users are currently landing here anyway because of the 301 redirect that I have in place on the old domain, but I don’t know how long that will last really. If it does go on forever without Pinterest blocking the redirects, there’s no option other than for me to continue to renew (and pay for) the yearly domain name registration on the old domain forever. Awesome, right?

As an aside and with total honesty, I’d just like to say “Thanks for nothing, Pinterest. I know I’m not the only business in the world that changes a domain name at some point, and you guys at Pinterest need to get your crap together and get a system in place to handle changes like this. Business customers way, WAY larger than me have Pins at Pinterest. You’re now playing with the big boys in business, and even trying to monetize from businesses with Promoted Pins I might add. It’s time to act like it.” Mini-rant over.

Bottom line: if you have ever pinned content from, you may wish to go to each of those Pins, click through so that you are redirected to the same content on this site, and re-pin the Pin so that you have the proper source web address for the content in case Pinterest ever decides to block the redirect I have in place. And another thing–if you are contemplating a move to a new blog or website address, I’d advise sooner rather than later because of the Pinterest issue. The sooner you do it, the fewer pins there will be from your current site that might break at some point in the future. 😉

I sell on EtsyThe Etsy shop name has been changed to Fabric Bias (though I’m still working on a new header graphic; that 760 x 100 pixel size is just too stinkin’ small!). If you have the old URL bookmarked, please update to the new URL: Traffic to the old URL will be forwarded from Etsy’s end (aren’t they fabulous? They can do this stuff, why can’t Pinterest? 😡 GRRRR.) for 45 days from today.

Everything else should be working just as it was before. Profiles on social media are the same, since most of them used my name instead of my business name anyway. Not sure if that’s a good or bad way to go but that’s how it is at the moment, and I’m not going to worry about it overmuch. I have an awesome post about quilt marking lined up for tomorrow so stay tuned for that, but today it’s time to de-stress with some fabric play! What’s on your creative schedule today?