A Little Stardust–New Inchie Quilt Pattern

Stardust detail by Nadine Ruggles

Years ago, I purchased an interesting little computer program at Quilt Market. Kaleidoscope Kreator™ does just what it says–it makes kaleidoscopic designs from photos, clip art, or drawings, which you can then print directly on fabric or paper. Alternatively, you can export the images to edit, adjust color and/or further customize in a graphics program. Sweet, right?

Kaleidoscopic design by Nadine Ruggles from Kaleidoscope Kreator SoftwareI’m not sure I was thinking much about it at the time other than “Wow, this is really cool!” I’m a total geek about spiffy techie stuff anyway and when I can combine it with quilting? Sign me up! When I started working on Inchie Quilts part two (the book that never was), I played around with one of the free designs available at the Kaleidoscope Kreator website and created designs like the one at right. I’ll bet you will never in a million years guess what the original image looked like! I might tell you… later… ;)

I made a few kaleidoscope designs. And then made a few more. And a few more in different colors and shapes. I printed them on Jacquard™ Inkjet Fabric Sheets and then these little things happened:

And then there were more, because who says that Inchies have to be square?

Stardust detail by Nadine Ruggles

And more:

Stardust Inchie Quilt by Nadine Ruggles

Inchies now have cousins! Rectangular Tangles, round Discos and fan-shaped Fancies combine with original square Inchies to set this quilt apart and give it some superstar power! Okay, that was bad I know. 😛

Inchies were already little gems, but these!! Two of my favorite things, kaleidoscopic designs and Inchies, all wrapped up with beads, crystals, metallic threads, and embroidery. These are so fun! And I’ve kept these under wraps for a LONG time (seriously, I’m not even going to say how many years have passed since I finished this quilt), because you know… there was that book thing that I thought would happen… only it just never did. BUT! I decided I’d sit down and put the pattern together finally. I mean, why not?

While I was writing the pattern, I updated to the latest version of Kaleidoscope Kreator (since my Win8 PC decided it was NOT interested in running the older version that I had… so cranky that Windows thing… ) and played around with a holiday photo to make these ornaments, which I just love, love, LOVE!

Inchie Shapes ornaments by Nadine Ruggles

So here’s the thing. The new Stardust Inchie Quilt pattern is available now at my Etsy shop, and for a limited time, you can get the printable designs for the ornaments as a bonus with purchase. The pattern includes inkjet printable Inchie Shapes designs in two colorways, PLUS a bonus third set in holiday colors when you purchase the pattern in December! Use the designs now to make ornaments or package toppers (they make great teacher gifts or secret Santa surprises!), and make the quilt in January–after the holiday rush!–to add a little Stardust to your life.

Oh, and that original image I mentioned above? I spill the beans in the pattern. 😀