A Journey to Mom’s Place

Journey (too) by Nadine Ruggles

Now that the gift has been given, I can share it here! When my mom saw Journey, the plush horse that I made from bits of The Misery Quilt, she asked if I could make her one. That was a complete no-brainer! Of course I could make her one!

My Journey now has a sister! This little girl is also named Journey, since my mom liked the name and the story behind it all so much. So in my head, this is Journey(too)! 🙂

Journey (too) by Nadine Ruggles

She’s not quite the same as the original Journey since I’d cut up all of the center star patchwork already. This Journey has a bit more of an appaloosa look to her I think, with more patchwork details across her back and hind quarters and less on her head and neck.

Journey (too) detail by Nadine Ruggles

I was able to capture some of the elaborate quilting as well as areas from the multiple borders when I cut the patchwork into horse-shaped pieces. Journey(too) has the same sort of saddle/blanket made from one of the embroidered border medallions and also a velvet bedroll with fancy golden buckles:

Journey (too) detail by Nadine Ruggles

One very special and unique trait that Journey(too) has is this very serendipitous heart on her belly:

Journey (too) detail by Nadine Ruggles

That was a happy accident! It just appeared when I stitched her two halves together under there! The quilting designs on each piece just happened to fit together that way. So fun!

I sent Journey(too) on her way in early December so that she’d arrive at her new home in time for my mom’s birthday. I included this note:

When I arrive, carefully unwrap me.
Fluff my mane and tail.
Straighten my ears just a little—but not too much!
They do have a natural jaunty curve.
Admire my tummy “heartistry”—such serendipity!
Give me a hug, because it was dark and kinda cold in the box.
Keep me somewhere comfy and warm.
I’m so happy that my journey led me to you!

Here she is in her new home:

Journey (too) at home by Nadine Ruggles

Perhaps this Journey will inspire my mom to keep going on her own journey. She’s an incredible writer, and I just know if she really set her mind to it, there are amazing books inside her head (and on reams and reams of paper!) just waiting to be published. Love you Mom!