New Studio Space for Quilting

New upstairs quilitng studio

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Remember this room?

Room over the garage

This is the lovely room over the garage in our house. It’s about 13′ x 33′, with a walk-in closet as well as a bathroom not included in those measurements. My oldest daughter has lived up there (in the largest space in the house, by the way) since we moved back from Germany. On the other hand, most of my studio was crammed into this room:

small studio space

which is about 12′ x 13′ I think. Yes, I know, a lot of people quilt with less, so I’m lucky to have even that much space! Even so, I have so much stuff after quilting for more than 20 years that it’s been a challenge in that small space, especially after the larger space I had in Matchstick Manor in Germany (the house that started out so well but ended in a spider-infested mess with crazy, tax-evasive landlords).

The bulk of my fabrics were in the next room over in a couple of tall bookshelves (which is why a lot of the books are still in boxes…). Some of my UFO projects were in a cabinet upstairs in my daughter’s room over the garage, and my tubs of fat quarters and miscellaneous ribbons and whatnot were up there as well. Believe me, she couldn’t possibly have noticed the missing space. There was batting in the attic and some tubs of scraps were up there too. I even had quilting magazines in the bedroom!

Early last year, that huge room upstairs was suddenly empty. My oldest daughter graduated college and got a job far away. Off she went, leaving the room over the garage (mostly) empty. It took me months to clean it and move all of my quilting stuff up there. Months! Of course, I didn’t have any pressing wish to do anything with all the quilting stuff during those months anyway, so there it was. I finally decided that I might want to quilt more if everything was all in one room, so I pushed on and drafted ITMan to help me get it done!

Now it looks like this:

New upstairs quilitng studio

There’s enough space for all of my supplies, and there’s still a lot of floor space for laying out quilts. The slanted ceilings make it a bit difficult to have a design wall, but I can deal with that while I enjoy the rest of the benefits! I can finally have two sewing tables again, plus my beading/handwork table. My fabric is all in one room again! I did have to buy some new shelves for the fabric since the bookshelves were too tall for the ceilings upstairs:

Closetmaid Cubeicals for storing fabric

These are ClosetMaid Cubeicals, with 11″ x 11″ openings. They’re perfect for fabric! I got them at Amazon, which is great because UPS delivered them to my door and the boxes were super heavy. They looked like this before I put them in the closet and stuffed them with fabric:

I bought two of the 12 cube size shown and stacked them (and bolted them to the wall at the top!), and then bought two more in the 6 cube size for the other side of the closet. I also put a blackout drape in the window that’s in the closet to keep the sun from getting to the fabric. There’s a bit of space on the top of each unit to store things that I don’t use often, and I think all of my fabric actually fits! I just can’t buy any more… unless I buy more shelves… 😉

I’ll post some more pictures of the new studio soon. For now, I’m off to do some quilting!

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