Favorite Things: EQ Palettes of the Month

Electric Quilt

Okay, maybe I need to get out more, but I just discovered this recently and had to share. Electric Quilt Software’s website has a new palette every month that you can download and use in your EQ program, for free! I love it! The folks at Electric Quilt make it very easy, with complete instructions for downloading and unpacking the file to the right place on your computer. Get it every month and have ore fabric, more fabric, more fabric!

Creative procrastination pays off

I’ve started designing a new quilt, and it’s entirely out of my “normal” range of styles. It’s really outside a number of my boxes, so it’s been kind of interesting figuring out how to do it. It’s appliqué, which I don’t do a lot of because it takes too long by hand (and my hands don’t handle it very well these days anyway) and I’ve never liked the results doing it by machine. The quilt is in bright, clear colors, which I don’t do a lot of either. Some quilts just have to be made, though, so on we go.

To get to the point of all this, I’ve spent the last three days or so just looking at the stuff for this quilt on the table while really concentrating on some much needed web page maintenance instead of quilting (procrastinating, if the truth be told). I’ve puttered with the quilt a bit and thought about it a lot, but haven’t really done much except to try to cut the scalloped borders for it, and mess them up. I thought I was going to put the borders on before I did most of the appliqué, because that’s how it kind of needed to be done. I was able to fix the borders, but when it came time to move forward, I went back to my computer and worked on web pages some more. I knew what needed to be done, but for some reason I wasn’t ready to do it. Now, I don’t really have time to “not be ready” to move forward with this thing Continue reading “Creative procrastination pays off”

Things that keep me from quilting #2

Q is for Quilt

Okay, this is a fun thing that keeps me from quilting! I’ve been taking a class at LVS Online to learn to make digital scrapbook elements. Great fun, and I spent 5+ hours today doing my assignment for this week. Check it out! I don’t think using the computer to do scrapbooking saves any time at all, but you can customize all the elements and papers to be exactly what you want them to be. No, I’m not becoming a scrapaholic either, I just took the class to learn how to use my graphic editing program better!