The Importance of Being Eco-Friendly

In a quilt design class taught by Helen Squire, one of the topics covered in the course was batting. She mentioned that a new eco-friendly batting had just been introduced. Someone asked what made it so “green,” and someone else offered up that it must break down in the landfill more readily than traditional polyester batting. Another observant student piped up “Doesn’t that only matter if you are planning on throwing your quilt away?”.

*True story submitted by Dorothy H. Thanks Dorothy!

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It’s our Little Secret

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Mommy Quilter

A little girl stayed with a neighbor lady while her mom visited the doctor. The neighbor was cleaning her house that morning and the little girl followed her around as she cleaned.

“Does your mommy have a mop?” the neighbor asked the little girl.

“Oh, yes.” the little girl replied.

“Does your mommy sweep the floor?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Does your mommy iron?”

“Only her fabric!”

Missing Parts

A woman visited her sewing machine dealer to buy a spare part for her Bernina.

“I was cleaning my machine, and when I removed the needle plate, there was this little pad underneath it. I tried to be careful taking it out, but it just fell apart in my hands. Do you have one in stock?”

The technician replied, “I’m sorry ma’am, but there’s no such thing as a pad that goes under the needle plate. What you had there is lint buildup from thread and fabric! When was the last time you cleaned your machine?”

“Oh, sometime back in ’89, I think.” the woman replied sheepishly.


Use words or phrases as a jumping off point for design ideas. Think about representing the phrase in fabric, or how you can play on the words with an existing quilt block name. Think about the image the words bring to mind, and how you could interpret the image in fabric. Try starting with song titles or lyrics, favorite lines of poetry, beautiful quotations, or even silly jokes! How about this one?

How do you fix a broken chimp? With a monkey wrench!