Your Best Scissors

Treat your best scissors like the finest china. Keep them in the case they came in when not in use, and be very careful when transporting them, as even a drop to the table top from a foot in the air can cause a nick in the blades. Use your best scissors only for fabric, of course!

Consistency for Accuracy

Use the same ruler, or at the very least the same brand of ruler, throughout your project. There can be small variances from ruler to ruler, and especially between two different brands. If you cut one portion of your project with one and then switch to another, the pieces might not fit together accurately. Be consistent for better accuracy.

Blocking Your Quilt

For a quilt that lays flatter and hangs straighter, block it before putting the binding on. After you finish quilting, wet the quilt completely by either dunking it and removing the excess water, or thoroughly wetting with a spray bottle. Then lay the quilt on a clean sheet on the floor and gently pat into shape so that the corners are square and the sides are straight and flat. Allow to dry completely, then trim and bind.

Trimming the Quilt

After you’ve completed the quilting, you’ll need to trim the excess batting and backing away from the quilt before applying the binding, but the outer border could be a bit wavy and uneven after the quilting process. To trim evenly, use a ruler to measure from the inside edge of the outer border all the way around, and a large square ruler at the corners for a perfectly even trim.

Binding Matters

For the best looking binding on your quilt, be sure to leave enough backing and batting around the edges to just fill the binding after it is folded to the back of the quilt. The binding should feel smooth and even, not thick on the inside edge and thin on the outside edge.


Though many quilters would rather quilt and play with fabric than clean house or deal with paperwork on any day of the week, sometimes you may find that you just can’t get down to work on your latest project no matter how hard you try. There may be other things that really need to get done around the house or at your desk, and your subconscious has decided that they’re more than a distraction; they’re a hindrance that will keep you from enjoying your play time. Take a break from your quilt and get the distracting things done and out of the way so you can take complete pleasure in your craft.