Get a Grip

The most important thing to do when free motion quilting is to get a firm grip on the quilt! Use quilting gloves or grippers, a gripper hoop, or a thick, non-greasy lotion like Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. You’ll be able to control and guide the quilt more easily, which will improve your stitch quality! If you choose the lotion use just a small amount, enough to make your hands tacky, and reapply when needed. Bonus: soft hands, all the time!


Use words or phrases as a jumping off point for design ideas. Think about representing the phrase in fabric, or how you can play on the words with an existing quilt block name. Think about the image the words bring to mind, and how you could interpret the image in fabric. Try starting with song titles or lyrics, favorite lines of poetry, beautiful quotations, or even silly jokes! How about this one?

How do you fix a broken chimp? With a monkey wrench!