Decking the Halls with Quilts

Christmas Beginning Quilting Class Sample by Nadine Ruggles

I’ve been swept along by the busy, busy, busy-ness of the year, and here it is almost Christmas already! I’ve been decorating, shopping and cooking in addition to all the normal stuff that’s been on my schedule this fall, which was already more than I was used to. I still have one more food shopping trip before Christmas–though I’ve yet to finish a list–and a few more errands to run, but I decided it was time to finish up the decorating with a couple of Christmas quilts that I’ve made over the years. I have a few, and they end up on the backs of the sofas or on the arms of chairs, or even on cabinet tops on display stands if they’re small enough. Continue reading “Decking the Halls with Quilts”

Memory Lane Monday: Color Play

Jinny Beyer Palette Quilt by Nadine Ruggles

There’s absolutely no really cool story to go along with today’s jaunt down memory lane, I just love this little quilt! I made it back in 2002 just for fun, and I still have some other trimmed away bits stuffed in the UFO cabinet for another small project that will get done someday. The Jinny Beyer Palette fabrics are loads of fun to work with, though I do remember having quite the time figuring out what to use as a border for this quilt! The batik in the border was a fat quarter, so there was some sneaky piecing required to make it work. Continue reading “Memory Lane Monday: Color Play”

Memory Lane Monday: The Beginning

Memory Lane Monday @ DreamWeaver's QuiltsFor this inaugural Memory Lane Monday, I wondered where to begin. I’ve taken a BUNCH of photos of older quilts, and I still have more to do so there were lots of choices! Well, how about at the beginning? There isn’t really a more logical place, though I will note that I won’t be doing this in chronological order going forward. Even if I could sit down and put them in order by when they were made (and I doubt I could anyway–remember a lot of these aren’t dated, shame on me), I’d rather mix it up a bit and toss a seasonal quilt in where appropriate, or even an older quilt that’s related to something that’s currently on the design wall. Onward!

Shortly after ITMan and I married, we decided that I’d be much happier working at a fabric shop despite the cut in pay I’d take if I left my job in retail (and isn’t he the most awesome guy ever to be okay with that?). I went to work for Fabric Boutique in 1990 in Las Vegas, and at the time, the shop was more of a fabric store for dressmaking, with about one third of the shop devoted to a small selection of quilting cottons. I was hired for the dressmaking side obviously, as I didn’t even know what a rotary cutter was. 🙂 Continue reading “Memory Lane Monday: The Beginning”