Things that keep me from quilting #8

My new toy:

New toy

Now that’s fun! Picked it up last Thursday, and as much as I love quilting, right now I love driving my car more. I learned to drive in a Mustang years ago, but this one is so much better than that one was back then. I guess this is my second teenagehood car or something. It definintely rocks! But, I know I need to get that quilt done, so off I go to quilt some more!

Things that keep me from quilting #7: Hard drive crash (or something!)

Well, I was really going along rather well yesterday, and I thought I was nearly done with the Machine Quilting CD Workshop. I rebooted my PC, because it was acting kinda funny, and then had a major error that I’ve never seen before in 20 years of working with computers. 😦 And things went downhill from there. I won’t go into all the gory details, but thanks to my junky Hewlett Packard PC and it’s un-user-friendly excuse for system repairs (I’ll never buy another!) I ended up doing a complete system restore back to the out-of-the-box factory settings, and losing all my loaded programs. I did not lose all my documents and graphics (or I wouldn’t be here to write about it, I’d be in an asylum somewhere trying to recover), since I’ve had enough things happen over the years that I now have all of my personal stuff on a secondary drive, for exactly this reason. Unfortunately, I did lose all of my e-mails and other Outlook records for the last year and a half, so that’s going to cause some extra work.

I still don’t know what happened to cause the initial error, and everything seems to be working at the moment, but there’s definitely no real quilting going on here until it’s all back to normal with my programs loaded back up! This is just not how life is supposed to be!

Things that keep me from quilting #6: Editing the Machine Quilting CD Workshop

Machine Quilting-Master the Basics CD Workshop

Not that this is a bad thing, but I’m in the middle of the final editing for the Machine Quilting—Master the Basics CD Workshop. There hasn’t been much time for real quilting ’round here this last week. My review and beta testing team has finished their work, and suggested some valuable improvements to the program. I had hoped to have this ready for release in August, but you just can’t rush these things, so I’m looking at October 1 as the release date now. You can find out more about the Workshop on CD, see a preview of the workshop, then check back in October to order. Sign up for the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Newsletter to be the first to know when the CD is ready to order!

Things that keep me from quilting #5: Site maintenance

I’ve spent most of this “too hot to quilt” week doing website maintenance, so some of you may see a bit of a different look. I say some of you, because if you’re viewing the site on a monitor that’s set for 800×600 resolution, you won’t see much difference in the overall look. Here’s a hint though: you’ll be able to see so much more, in a much more “roomy” style, if you change your resolution on your monitor to at least 1024×768! Not just on this site either, but on the World Wide Web as a whole. So many pages are just so full of information that 800 pixels wide is just not enough to hold it all!

Other than adding more wide open space, you’ll also notice that I’ve added a search function to the site. You’ll see a search box like this on every page:

Site Search: 

Try it! This function is in Beta, which means that it’s in the testing phase, so if you get anything weird looking, that’s why. I’m still bug hunting and cleaning up the code. I hope the site search feature is helpful to you. Do leave a comment to let me know of any weirdness, and how you like it!

Things that keep me from quilting #4: Too hot!

How hot is too hot to quilt? Well, if my quilting room is over 88 degrees, and I can’t open the window because it’s even hotter outside, I think that qualifies. We don’t have air conditioning, which I’ll never take for granted again once I get back to the States! I’m quilting anyway, as much as I can, it’s just slower since I don’t think my mind can go any faster when it’s this hot. It’s like when I’m driving around (in my air conditioned car!) and I see people walking on the sidewalk, they’re all walking slower. The heat is just oppressive, I think. Time to burn the midnight oil and work while it’s cool, and sleep all day when it’s too hot to do anything else!

Postscript to yesterday’s cat events

I receive the “Bad Cat” Page-a-Day calendar in my e-mail every day, and the page that showed up this morning was just so timely, I had to share it:

Calendar Page

I just had to laugh, thinking about yesterday’s events. And those cats even look like Shadow! Shadow could be the poster kitty for the “Bad Cat Association.” Thank goodness I didn’t buy two kittens, though. I can’t imagine that! Then again, maybe I just don’t want to, it’s too scary!