Tip for “Unsewing”

When you have to “unsew” a seam, (and lets face it, we all have to do that at some point, unfortunately), are you in the camp that snips every third stitch on one side, and then pulls the thread out from the other side, or do you remove the thread from one side, unsewing with the seam ripper every two or three stitches? I’m of the second camp, since I really hate having to remove all the little leftover bits of thread that remain in the fabric if I use the first method.

Also, I discovered quite by accident that when you have to “unsew” a seam it’s generally easier to take the stitches out in the same direction Continue reading “Tip for “Unsewing””

Things that keep me from quilting #6: Editing the Machine Quilting CD Workshop

Machine Quilting-Master the Basics CD Workshop

Not that this is a bad thing, but I’m in the middle of the final editing for the Machine Quilting—Master the Basics CD Workshop. There hasn’t been much time for real quilting ’round here this last week. My review and beta testing team has finished their work, and suggested some valuable improvements to the program. I had hoped to have this ready for release in August, but you just can’t rush these things, so I’m looking at October 1 as the release date now. You can find out more about the Workshop on CD, see a preview of the workshop, then check back in October to order. Sign up for the DreamWeaver’s Quilts Newsletter to be the first to know when the CD is ready to order!

A better week…

This week has been a much better one, thanks to some cooler weather and fewer taxi duties for the kids for me. I spent last weekend rebuilding my Personal Portals website to launch my web design services (yes, I do all my own web design and development, and I’ve decided to start hiring out freelance. Have to support my quilting habit somehow!). Other than that, I’ve been plugging away at my latest quilt for the New Quilts from an Old Favorite Contest this year, and it’s coming together quite nicely. I hope to be quilting by next weekend, which will be a lot more fun than the appliqué that I’m working on right now. Ugh.

I really have a very strong dislike for appliqué in any quantity, though I am fairly good at it. It just takes way too long, even with the method that I’m using now. I’m using a light starch to wet the seam allowances and turn them over the edges of the freezer paper patterns, gluing them in place with Glue-Baste-It, and then sewing them down temporarily with water soluble thread in the machine. Then I’ll layer and baste the quilt, and appliqué and free motion quilt in one step with the machine. That’s the plan anyway, but since I’ve not done it this way before and haven’t seen anyone else do it this way, I do hope it works like I want it to. I’ll have a nice big mess if it doesn’t! Even doing the appliqué by machine the way I’m doing it, I’m feeling like it’s never ending. I’m much more of a speedy rotary cutter kind of gal. You know, strip piecing, that kind of stuff. Anyway, if this experimental method of mine works out, I’ll share pics and maybe a demo like the Perfect Four Patch one when I’m done!

It’s coming! The Machine Quilting Workshop on CD

Machine Quilting-Master the Basics CD Workshop

My Machine Quilting—Master the Basics class is quite popular, and I’ve often heard requests for a “take-it-home” version: a video, a book, or something of that nature. I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of Machine Quilting—Master the Basics, a complete beginning machine quilting workshop on CD. Everything you need to know about learning to machine quilt is on the CD, just waiting for you to play it in your PC. Continue reading “It’s coming! The Machine Quilting Workshop on CD”